Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th be with you - 4 mai 2015Kebabs and Cathedrals!

I know. Original. But hey. Happy Star Wars day. 

Saying Hello to Sœur Tupai! 
Elevator Selfie, 
as one must 
when in an elevator
Well, life in Paris. It is wonderful. Incredibly tiring and yet absolutely wonderful. I feel quite a bit like a Bleue all over again, but it's good. I've been learning left and right and every way you can think of. I love Sœur Tupai. She is probably the best missionary I have ever met. Oh how I hope I can become more like her. I have learned so much already. 

We basically do trajet contacting 24/7 because we are constantly going back and forth and all over Paris. It's awesome. I have met some incredible people. Also a lot more rude people. But it's all good. It builds character, right? haha I love it. It is exhausting and my back hurts like none other, but it's great to feel like I am being a missionary as I thought I could be.

Oh, super cool moment. We contacted this cute little lady and did so in French, but she told us that she doesn't understand and she's from Japan. Immediately I just spat out the only words I know in Japanese "kami no ko desu watashi wa ana ta..." SHE UNDERSTOOD! All I was able to say was "I am a child of God" in Japanese but that's all she needed. It was a cool moment of preparation from the past, thanks Dad for teaching it to me when I was little! 
Rockin' someone's Nikes...
A soeur's shoe completely 
broke, so I gave her my shoes
 so she could get back to her ville;
 these were my temporary 
kicks for the day. 
Yep. I just about died laughing. 
I looked ridiculous, 
but felt great helping a fellow sœur.

The ward is wonderful. It's hard to know who is actually in the ward and who is just visiting, always tourists and BYU students, but it's great. Church is translated into English and Chinese! We had an amie come, who we visited and taught this week! She is wonderful. :) 

I had an "aha!" moment in personal study yesterday, perhaps it's super simple and self-explanatory, but in the book, Gospel Principles there is a sentence that says, "The Church exists to help families receive eternal life." The whole reason the Church exists is so we can make sacred covenants and receive ordinances to be with our families FOREVER. The family is truly the central unit of the Church. It's the base and the most important. How incredibly blessed are we to have families and to have the Church of Jesus Christ restored on the earth to helpe us return as 
Back to December. 
But really. It was cold 
and rainy this week, 
but the joy of the Gospel 
brought the warmth and sun!
families to our eternal familiy in heaven. I am so grateful for my family and the opportunity we have to be here on earth to make and keep eternal covenants to be together with our Father in Heaven. 

I wish and pray all the best for you! Be good and smile! 

Sœur Kate Simpson

A whole lot of missionaries 
on the train. Going to Versailles
 for the iPad training conference
monday, 27 avril 2015

Lovely friends; 
Aren't they adorable missionaries?!
Sr. Hogan, Sr. Brandenburg, 
Sr. Erickson, Sr. Stevens

MTC friends! 
Elder Edmunds and Sr. King

Kebabs and Cathedrals! 
Saying goodbye to Sœur Tane.
Saint-Merri, Paris

Tunisian Patisserie!
Coconut thing... super good
and Gluten Free!

Saying goodbye to Nogent.

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