Monday, November 24, 2014

The Miracle of Maison 35 - Nov. 24, 2014

What a wonderful week. Still not easy, but so great. We did a lot of contacting and coeuring, but really didn't see a lot of outward success. No one was interested and everyone was too busy or said we were wasting our time, and all that jazz. Well, we decided that we were deteremined to find a new
Nov. 24 La Marne
amie (investigator) because it had been too long and we knew Heavenly Father had prepared some one. We prayed SO hard and we really believed He would deliver if we did our part and talked and taught everyone we could. Well, we walked along the Marne, which is absolutely beautiful in a gross river-ish kind of way, and talked to a few ladies, but one of them said some crazy stuff about medicine and dying children and brains, and it was weird, but we kept on going. It got to be time to leave, and still we had no new amie. We went to the bus stop, but felt to go back over the bridge, but then that wasn't right, so we went back to the bus stop. A lady was sitting there, and I sat down next to her. I just started to talk to her and asked how her day was and such, which after an effort to keep talking to her, she finallly opened up. We talked about prayer and our divine nature as children of God. She then agreed to pray with us and then miraculously agreed to have a rendez-vous with us this week! SO amazing. Right as we were at the end, we just opened our mouths as we are supposed to do, and the Lord had prepared LaLine (who is from Madagascar which is so sweet) for us.

So, the title of this email is also a cool miracle. When coeuring (knocking doors) we do this at night, because it's not safe to contact at night for us here, IF the people answer, it is always, literally every time, "non merci, ne m'interesse pas." I asked Sr. Stevens one day whilst contacting if anything had ever come of coeuring and she said no. Not with her trainer, and her trainer hadn't either. WELL GUESS WHAT?! never say never, because in the wonderful ville of Sucy-en-Brie, we had a miracle! The lady opened her window and basically asked us for everything. She was like, "well, do you have something I could read?" "Can you come by another time and tell me more?" AHHH! YES! So we gave her the Book of Mormon and the Restoration pamphlet, our card, and get this... The next day, SHE CALLED US! Also a first for Sr. Stevens. Her husband is against it
As in MASQUERADE!!!!!!!
and she wondered if she needed us to pick up the book, to which Soeur stevens said, no it's free and for you. She told her to read Moroni 10, which the lady did as they were on the phone and she said, "I love this, it sounds just like the Bible. I'm going to read it and call you." Coolest thing ever. I hope things turn out well.

Well in brief summary, this week was good. We had some good lecons on trajet and contacting. Family, look up Chateau de Vincennes. Its an old fortress castle cathedrale thing where we contact a lot, it's probably my favorite. For P-day last week we went to the Louvre. UNREAL. Seriously a dream.

Oh! How could I forget! Elder Quentin L. Cook came to France! Our ENTIRE mission came to
La Jaconde
aka Mona Lisa.
Versailles for the conference, which was unbelievably cool. The spirit was intense and I was overwhelmed with gratitude and love for the gospel and the apostle of Jesus Christ. Elder Cook and the other speakers talked about Preach My Gospel and the importance and divine guidance that was part of its' creation. Pretty cool. I love Prechez Mon Evangile. It is applicable to every stage of life and betters each one of us.

Also, I got to see every missionary in my mission, which is unheard of. There are 17? missionaries from Davis High in this mission, some I didn't even know were here. SO cool. Elder Cook opened part of the time for Q&A and Dallin Tidwell asked the only question he answered. Elder Cook even said something about "I've heard they have a great French teacher there in Davis county" after finding out Dallin was from Davis. Even the apostles know about Davis High. #DHP

Life is oh so good. I love being a missionary even though it's difficult at times, it is wonderful.

I love you all. Have a great week!

Avec amour,
Soeur Kate Simpson

Monday, November 17, 2014


Where on Earth do I even begin?

Getting to work right off the plane!
I am safely in France. I am assigned to a ville just outside of Paris, but is still considered a suburb of Paris proper. It is the cutest little (actually really big) city and our secteur is massive. My head was pretty much exploding the first 3 days. Don't worry, only cried twice. okay, maybe 3 times. This is definitely a lot harder than the MTC, but it's great. I love it.

My formatrisse is Soeur Ashley Stevens! She is wonderful. She is from Oregon and is just the cutest. She's been here for 12 weeks... as in she just finished being trained and is now training, but thus far, we're doing alright. I LOVE contacting and coeuring (door to door). Seriously, love it. Pretty
Three Generations:
Me, Sr. Stevens, and her trainer,
Sr. Tupe from Tahiti
Eglise de Saint Mari, Paris
much everyone says no, so that's too bad for them, but it doesn't effect how I feel. We recite le objectif missionaire and pray everytime before we leave the apartment and it truly helps to remember what my job is here. SO good.

Our mission has a saying that "for ever 10 doors we knock, there is a baptism in Brazil." So, you're welcome Elder Taylor. haha I gave you 4 baptisms this week. I feel sad for the French, they really are nice, but just so closed up. Literally every house/apartment has massive fences, every window has bars and solid coverings, and at least 2 secured doors before entering into a house. This makes it nearly impossible to talk to them face to face. So when we go "coeuring", we either have to yell over the fence if we could pray with them, or use the microphone/doorbell. It's a good time.

Saint Mari church.
This is where we brought our luggage,
went contacting with "mothers"
and then Wednesday
where we met our trainers and headed out.
So food. This is gonna be fun. I've been living off of rice cakes, jam, rice, milk, and potato soup stuff. Grocery stores are not really a thing here and especially gluten-free food. Also, I didn't have any money until today, so that was also fun. Because I am in a Navigo zone, I had to buy the monthly Navigo pass thing for all the trajet (transportation), which was like 100 euros, which is basically a missionary's budget for a whole month. So, at the ATM when we were trying to go buy me some rice cakes and potatos so I could actually eat something, I couldn't get any money out. Oh and parents, my debit card isn't working. I think the PIN has been messed with, probably by me getting it wrong or something. So we should probably figure something out. Alas, this morning, Sr. Stevens and I decided to try the ATM one more time before groceries for P day, and guess what? MIRACLE: I was able to take out 20 e. Just enough for a few groceries. What a blessing. Also, another miracle, the grocery store (basically like a really small Walgreens with less products) had gluten-free pasta! I'm saved! I'm sure I'll get the hang of eating here someday. I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose weight unlike most sister missionaries on their missions, so that's cool. haha

Miracles are so real, it's not even funny. It is amazing to see what the Lord has in store for us every
Awful picture of me coeuring in the rain.
Nogent-sur-Marne, Paris, France
day. On Thursday, Sr. Stevens and I were trying to get to a less-active member's house for a rendez-vous. Since we are a Paris zone, we are also in the Navigo zone, which is the RER train/Metro/Bus system. Holy cannoli. The subway system here is SO complex compared to D.C., but ca va. We we were slightly lost once we surfaced and so we were just standing there for a few minutes and out of nowhere, a nice lady comes up to us and says, "I'm a member and I just moved here from Cameroon a few weeks ago and have been searching for a ward but haven't been able to find it anywhere!" Sr. Stevens and I whipped out our contact cards, we got her number, and said we'd see her on Sunday! SO cool.

A similar miracle happened the following day when we were at the RER Gare de Lyon station waiting for our train that never came. A member couple from Switzerland was lost and they saw us and ran over to us for help. Lesson learned, sometimes we are just meant to be somewhere where we feel stuck, but we are not there for us, we are there to help others along the way.

Sr. Stevens eating some
sour gummy things a la gare
waiting for our train,
after a successful rendez-vous
with a part member family
who we are working with to get baptized.
La Maison de Verts, Paris, France​
Even in France, I get teased about my last name. At church, the Dirigeant de la Mission de la Paroisse (ward misison leader) asked if my mom's name was Marge... hahah never heard that before... haha. It's nice to have a few universal things in life. yay for the Simpsons. #therealSimpsonsfromSpringfield

As far as numbers go, this is going to be rough. BUT I don't plan to let that get me down. One day, all of our appointments fell through, so we contacted all day and taught zero lessons...but overall we taught 7 lessons this week! and we received and planned with a new contact: Cynthia. Most of our rendez-vous fell through, so we did lots of contacting and coeuring, but ca va. I like it and it's a great way to see our secteur. Chateau de Vincennes is probably my favorite place thus far to contact. It's this massive medeival fortress with cathedral and all and the bulidings and parcs around it are beautiful. At least it is a cool place to work, even if the work is hard.

I've read some awesome talks this week. In the recent General Conference, President Packer's talk about his visit to King's College for family history, it's in the first session/front of the Ensign for November. read it. There are a lot of quotes that I took from it that have helped me a ton.

He talks about how even Joseph Smith too felt alone and confused. He rose to greatness, but began as a 14 year-old boy with questions. He gained his testimony, as we must too, "line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little." AMEN to that. I know I have SO much to learn and become, and it's honestly a lot harder than anticipated, but I know that I can do this. I can't do it alone, that is for sure. I have been driven to my knees a lot this week. Prayer is real. Faith works. and I am everso grateful for the blessings and miracles God blesses us with everyday to keep doing his work.

I know this is where I'm supposed to be and I am excited for the miracles and growth ahead. Growth is not comfortable, but it makes us better and stronger. I know when we pray for strength, God will strengthen us. I am grateful for my Savior who sacrificed all. My sacrifice is nothing compared to Him. What a blessing it is to serve a mission.

I love you all, I wish you the best. Keep choosing the right. Be good. Do more. Look outward.

Avec amour,

Soeur Kate Simpson

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

To the Family of Sister Simpson

Sister Babin and I were delighted to welcome your daughter , Sister Kate Simpson , into the France Paris Mission on 11 Nov 2014. She and her MTC companions were enthusiastic and all arrived in good health.  She spent her first day eating some good food, visiting with me, contacting non-members in the heart of Paris, and sharing testimonies.  We enjoyed her spirit.

The next morning, after a mission orientation, Sister Simpson left for her first assignment to work in the NogentS 2 Area with Sister Stevens, who will be her trainer. 

We feel very privileged to work with your  daughter .  We also realize the responsibility we share with you to help her continue to grow spiritually as she faithfully performs her duties.  May the Lord inspire us all to sustain her in this challenging and exciting assignment.  We hope you will join Sister Babin and me in praying each day for your daughter , her companion, investigators, and all of us serving in the France Paris Mission.

A positive, supportive letter from home every week does wonders to sustain a missionary’s morale.  Proverbs 25:25 states:  As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. If you have any questions, or if we can assist you in any way, please contact us at our office (001-331-3480-0483) or home (001-331-3976-8402).


Frédéric Jean Babin

President, France Paris Mission

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Random Facts about my life in the MTC

1. If the bookstore has chocolate covered cinnamon bears, buy them all. They go quick and don't restock for who knows how long. Sr. King and I checked pretty much everyday after lunch and to no success.

2. My zone's sisters received "the ugly shirt" from the previous STLs and we all had to wear it for one day. It is the picture of me in the puke green turtle neck, which I attempted to cover avec a scarf. #initiation

3. I ate a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie nearly everyday, something I looked forward too. However, it most definitely doesn't even come close to Sweet Cake.

4. Sr. King and I would race on the stairs everytime we ascended/descended the stairs. Good times.

5. Thanks to my dear friend Mackelle Pope, I taught my roommates "sure love ya" and we would do it everynight and then group hug.

6. Studying outside is the best. October is the prettiest month to be at the MTC.

7. Percussion beats including the "mysterious ticking noise" reenactment, would happen occasionally. On breaks, of course.

8. I can't think of other things at the present, but I j

Elder Darguence (from France)
drew a picture of
me saying I'm cold.
He is with his silly
wonderful companion
Elder Kokona from Vanuatu.
Elder B. Nana
May he rest in peace


Sister Miley Johnson from high school
heading to the
Washington, D.C. South mission
in 1 1/2 weeks.
She just got here this week
and I finally saw her!
What even is life. I don't even know.
Just kidding. I do know. Life is a blessing from God to learn, grow, and be happy with families by following the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here I am, at the MTC, on my last 2 days aux états-unis. This week has flown by and it was awesome. Thursday, Frere Ritchie taught for the last time. He left some great advice, and shared his testimony for the last time with us. What a great teacher. Although, I will admit that it was harder to say goodbye to Soeur Kellett. She is amazing. I love her everso much and I cannot even express how much I have learned from her and from the spirit when she teaches. She is so happy, so encouraging, and so wonderful. I hope to adopt many of her attributes some day.

The MTC is absolutely incredible. During our last time with Sr. Kellett, a flood of memories camecrashing down on me and I just cried. It definitely did not help that we sang "God be with you 'til we met again" en Francais. I could hardly mutter the words through my quivering voice and stream of tears. Sr. King giggled at my attempt to sing and cry. It was a tender moment. It's the first time I've cried since being on my mission. I didn't even cry leaving my family (okay, I shed a few tears, but I knew I would see them again). The MTC is such a special place and I know it is a place of God. During my stay here I have often thought about just how cool the MTC is. Nowhere else in the world is there a facility as large and extensive as the Missionary Training Center, Provo. No where. There are 25+ languages taught and learned, 2,000 kids learning for 15+ hours/day, most just graduating high school, all with the same purpose: Prepare to invite others to come unto Jesus Christ through faith in Him and His Atonement, repentance, baptism by proper authority, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. IT IS JUST SO AMAZING.

Imagining what the next 16 3/4 months are going to be like just makes me SO excited. Knowing they will be even better and full of opportunities to learn and grow gives me incomprehensible joy. This gospel is true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the restored church and was restored by a prophet, Joseph Smith. I know God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. He was called of God to restore the true and living gospel and to translate the Book of Mormon, a record of the ancient people of the Americas. It contains the fullness of the gospel and has brought me more happiness, guidance, and peace than any other source. Prayer is real. God loves me. He loves you and he wants to hear from us. We are a giant family. I truly love my sisters and brothers here at the MTC, and expect to love the people of France, Belgium, and Luxembourg even more. I love being a missionary. I love being a daughter of God. I love you.

I shall be in France in less than 72 hours. I still cannot comprehend such a statement. I am so excited. I pray for the help of the Spirit to do what is needed for the people I am called to serve. We are all tools in the Lord's hands, we simply must ask what are task is and go do it. I am grateful for a family who has taught me to work, to love, to have fun, and to be obedient; all of which go hand-in-hand.

God bless America! Vive la France! The Church is true!

Avec amour,
Soeur Kate Simpson

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MTC Week 5 - November 4, 2014 - I can almost smell the crepes!

Srs. King and Simpson
Switched for Halloween
My week was great overall. Wednesday, Sr. King and I had an awesome lesson with Hospice about Baptism, the Priesthood, and the Spirit. It is so cool to be able to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a different language. I'm still amazed that I can even do it. but with the Spirit, all things are possible. Sr. King and I are getting a lot better at balancing out speaking. I'm working hard at just not speaking and making her speak. She is fantastic and knows a whole lot more than she gives herself credit for, so it's good for her to see that she really can do it. We had some great lessons this week. Last night, we taught Laeticia about La Parole de Sagesse (word of wisdom) because on our last rendez-vous we followed up about reading the Book of Mormon and she said that when she reads, she doesn't have
the desire to smoke anymore, and she's smoked since she was 9 years old! SO cool. So this lesson we taught her why that was and how our bodies are gifts from God and we need to respect and take good care of them. Frere Kunzler acted as a convert member who smoked previously, which was such a blessing and an aid. It is SOOOO helpful to have members in lessons. So, I encourage all who are able to find out how they can go teach with the missionaries. I wish I would have done that before leaving. So do it!

It was a bit sad on Thursday, Elder Gunn went home, but he said he should be able to come back in 6 months. We've been praying for him as a district and individually. I pray he does what he needs to so he can come back. I know he will bless lives, as he has already blessed ours.

Today we went to the BYU devotional with Elder Evans speaking. It was a fun fieldtrip and quite the
Our new building 4M,
the Matthew Cowley building,
but I like to think of
as the "Matthew Crawley" building.
I find it quite fitting.
sight to see 1,500 missionaries all in a line making their way to the Marriott Center. I tried super hard to look for Spencer, but no luck. I did however, run into Sister Syd Taylor again as we were walking over and had quite a lovely catch up. Gotta love those Taylors. Elder Evans talked about the word "tenacity" and how everyone needs to work with tenacity in every aspect of their lives. He emphasized missionary work, which is why we were there, and it was just so great. It is such a blessing to have devotionals all the time. So much to be learned and so little time. I am so glad we have all of life to keep learning. I hope and pray to use my time more efficiently and wisely when I return home to work harder at school and my education. It is SO important. Which includes gospel education as well.

My wonderful companion
and I on her Birthday!
We went to the temple today for the last time for the next 17 months. It was wonderful. We did an Endowment session and what a blessing it is to be so close to the temple. While I'm in France/Belgium/Luxembourg, y'all better go all the time, because I can't. The temple brings such blessings, and not just for you, but for our brothers and sisters beyond the veil. Do whatever you can to get to the temple. I know it is the House of the Lord.

Well, I don't have much more time, but I love you. I wish you the best and pray for your safety, happiness, and well-being. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I am so filled with joy being a missionary, and I know everyone can feel the same by living and sharing the teachings and love of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. I know I'm not perfect, but I know I can do this as long as I rely on our Savior. France is only 5 days away and I'm probably not going to even know what has hit me, but I know I will be okay and I know Jesus Christ will be with me every step of the way.

All the best, and Vive la France!

Avec amour,

Soeur Kate Simpson

A few things I forgot! Sr. King and I sang in the MTC choir for the Tuesday night Devotional where
Notre Halloween FETE!
(our halloween party)
Elders Taylor, Edmunds, and Carson
feasting on the apples,
cupcakes, and word of God.
Sister Rosemary M. Wixon, the General Primary President, spoke. SO cool. We sang one of my favorite hymns, "Lead Kindly Light" and oh heavens it was just beautiful. There is so much strength and spirit in music. I can't wait to be able to listen to music in France. Hymns are the best. Sister Wixom's husband shared a quote that I love,

"I love people who yearn for impossible."

Because guess what, with God, NOTHING is impossible. So basically, you can do anything with The Lord on your side.

Also, I wrote down Alma 36:3 in my planner to write on my email, but I don't remember why. So read it, and tell me your thoughts and how you can apply it in your life. I love the scriptures and know they are blessings in our life.

So, ya. Love you all. Be good. Do more. Look outward!

-Soeur Kate Simpson