Monday, May 25, 2015

Rouen & Runny Noses - 25 mai 2015

Happy day to all!
Bonjou, nous somb
les soeu bissionnaires
It was a lovely week, though we were sick for most of it, it was still delightful and full of miracles. Soeur Tupai and I both got sick around Monday night, Tuesday morning, we think due to getting caught in a cold rain storm unexpectedly and the change of the weather going back to winter for a bit. But, the work continued and we made the best of it! We had exchanges with the Soeurs of Rouen and Versailles 2, both of which were 
Pretty sure this is
why we got sick this week
Rouen is incredible. Catholic churches and the most intricate Cathedral I've seen yet. And the best part, the people are way more open and kind. AND another best part, I was on exchanges with Soeur Sarah Facer! We've gone to school together since 2nd grade! I loved getting to really know her better and serve the Lord together. It was wonderful. We had a pretty cool 8:45pm miracle: We were at the end of the day, just contacting about in the centre-ville after a rendez-vous. There was hardly anyone on the streets, and the only ones were men... so we stopped, said a prayer and had the faith that He would help us have just one more person to talk to. Just after the prayer, a man walked around the corner. I said to Soeur Facer, "that would've been so cool if the first person was a lady." but then as I said that, a lady turned the corner right in front of us. Voila. It wasn't the first, but the second person we saw. 
Soeur Sarah Facer et moi
Pretty fast reply. ;) She turned out to be a new investigator for the Soeurs in Rouen after having a quick lesson and prayer on the street and setting a time for a rendez-vous. It was awesome.
The next day, we took the train back to Paris where the soeurs of Versailles 2 met us at the station and thus began our second exchange of the week. I was with Soeur Richards, 
Soeur Richards et moi
who has 2 weeks left on the mission. We went strait to a lesson, that actually got confused with times, but it ended up working out for the best. The member's daughter is less active and she was there, participated, and even prayed to end the lesson and began to cry. The Spirit was strong and she promised us that she would come to church Sunday. Best part: she actually came!
Well, we had a lovely exchange, it was way too short. We had a 8:45pm miracle as well! We found a new amie and it's here in our own secteur! Yay! We were surprised that she actually said yes to letting us keep talking and to pray with her. That doesn't happen very often, so we kind of weren't expecting it. There's a good lesson to be learned. Expect the miracles. We have a rendez-vous with her this week!
So being sick was not the greatest, but I think it was needed to stop Soeur Tupai for a sec and breathe. We've been going and going and going and just wearing ourselves out, which is awesome and I love it and what we should do, but our bodies are falling apart, especially Soeur Tupai. She's got 2 weeks left on her mission, just gotta make it 2 more weeks! She is solid. Such an awesome missionary and awesome person. I feel so lucky to serve with her. I have learned so much by her example and determination. Oh dear, I just love her. :)
We both don't really have voices left, and so we've been whispering every time we aren't contacting or teaching. So we did weekly planning in whispering, we've been whishper-praying, and it's been quite the reverent week! haha If you need some peace and reverence in your life, get sick and whisper! haha
Things really are going so well. This transfer has flown by. I can't believe it's already week 5! ah! It's going to been another crazy busy week, but I can't wait! Always an adventure! I pray and hope you are doing well, you're healthy, and you are finding the wonderful joy in life that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. He lives. He loves us. How blessed are we!?
Have a splendid week and enjoy that last days of May! 
Soeur Kate Simpson

Careparavelle much? 

Once again, Rouen is amazing.

Beautiful buildings

Joanne d'Arc burning 
at the stake memorial site... 

Cathédral de Rouen

The view from the apartment. 
Absolutely breathtaking. 


Selfies at the 
Center (of visitors) 
E. Madsen, Prisen, Priscilla, 
Sr. Simpson, Sr. Richards, 
Pamela, E. Martin

Elder Madsen eating 
the Chinese fungi...
Also, unintentional 
advertising for Coca-Cola 
and the Young Women program. 
District Meeting
St. Merri, Paris
Thanks, mom, for the SNACK ATTACK!

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