Monday, May 11, 2015

The Week in Photos - 11 mai 2015

Bonjour tout le monde! It was a wonderful week here in Paris. Lots of new people, adventures of transportation, and exchanges with the soeurs from St. Ouen and Mulhouse! The best part of the week: Sunday. We had almost all of our amies at church and a new amie just showed up because she had two dreams that she needed to come, so she did! AND it was Mother's Day!
So here is the week:
Mascarade! The most beautiful of Pdays in a long time. Soeur Tupai and I just about died of peace and beauty in one of my now favorite buildings in Paris. We were blessed to just happen to be there during a rehearsal of the Ballet of Paris... ya. It was breath-taking and unreal. We just stood there in awe for about 20 minutes. 

Me pretending like I know 
what I'm doing. 
I couldn't help myself. 
Just look at this room! 
Absolutely incredible. 
Palais Garnier aka Opéra de Paris
After a powerful member-present lesson
 with our ami Djelika, 
these signs were placed all over.
 It means "love runs the streets". P
retty cool, I think.  Châtelet

Elevator selfie with Soeur Brandenburg,
 my first exchange! St. Ouen 

We had quite the adventures 
together in St. Ouen. 
She's finally back in her own secteur, 
after being my companion 
for the rest of last transfer. 
It was fun to be comps again for a day! 
She is a wonderful human being 
and a fabulous missionary.

Exchange with Soeur Nolasco, 
serving in Mulhouse! 
Along the Seine

She is probably one of the 
funniest people, just hilarious. 
Her Canadian ways of 
saying "bag" got me every time. 
We had some awesome trajet contacts, 
and a lovely lesson in a parc. 
We had lunch along the bank of the Seine, 
a little surprise for her! 
CHIPS! The ZLs gave us some chips 
because they're nice. and they were left over. 
Getting all prepped for Zone Conference this week! 
Here we go! And yes. Soeur Tupai's chips a
re spaghetti sauce flavored and mine: 
rotisserie chicken. Literally tastes like chicken. 
yay for French Lay's haha 

Well, it was a wonderful week full of miracles and too many stories to even begin to write. But. Know that all is well, the working is growing, and I love serving as a missionary. I feel like my life isn't real, so many blessings from meeting people from all over the world and sharing the gospel with them all. It's the best.
I wish and pray all the best!
Soeur Simpson

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