Monday, August 31, 2015

Vignt Ans. 31 août 2015

Vignt Ans. 

I am twenty years old today. It is unfathomable. Without fathom.
Thus far, it's been an incredible birthday in my most favorite city in the world, in which I get to stay for another 6 weeks. I 
Exchange with Soeur Kitchen
Nancy, France
get the privilege of serving 6 months in Paris proper, best birthday present ever. 

It has been a fantastic week; a splendid way to wrap up another wonderful transfer. We met some awesome people, Has an exchange in Nancy, and 
Macaroons at the gare 
switching over after the exchange. 

finished the week off with a musical, fireside and a baptism the day after. SUCH a good end of a transfer. President and Sœur Babin talked at the fireside, which is always such a blessing to hear from them. The whole soirée was about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. All of the missionaries, wards, and branches in Ile de France (Paris region) were invited. Super cool. 

We had to say goodbye to Anne after church on Sunday. She's off to Belgium. 
Anne before heading up to Belgium
She gave me an adorable 
tin of chocolates for my birthday! 
St. Merri, Paris
She is such a sweetheart and such an example of conversion and service. She serves everyone around her, it's a part of her nature. SO nice. The missionaries in Belgium are lucky to teach her now. She will be getting baptized in November! 

The baptism was of one of Elder Ricks and Elder Wheatly's Amis, Alassane, and it was such a beautiful service. My heart has been filled with such charity and compassion for this man, and has given me such a new perspective. He is actually homeless because his papers were stolen and cannot work. He fled from 
Priscillia is doing awesome. 
Getting into Personal Progress 
like a champ. 
Such an inspiring young woman.
Burkina Faso and is just trying to make things work. He does all he can to come to church, and has given all for this gospel. I had such a confirmation of the truthfulness of the gospel as I sat and sang "I know that my Redeemer lives!" As we waited for them to change after the ordinance of baptism. He walked in, all clean, pure, and filled with the light of Christ. This is what it's all about. Giving our all to follow the Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope to have the faith and determination as Alassane. 

I am excited to stay in Paris for a 4th and with Sœur Tippett for a 3rd. We hope maybe this time around, we will be able to stay more on top of things and get it right. Hahaha we are excited for a whole new series of mission council, conference calls, exchanges, zone conferences, and of course, finding and teaching the children of God around us. Here's to transfer 8! 

Love you,

Sœur Kate Simpson

Sunday Dinner at 
Bishop Hall's home. 
Crazy awesome giant family night
 with a bunch of families 
that just moved in. 
Super international night. 
Tahiti, Algeria, Chile, 
Madagascar, and America ❤️ 
Christian Garcia's cute mom 
and sisters at the visitors center 
next to our church! Fun surprise.

He made some incredible 
hot chocolate for us, 
so we took a selfie.
Rue de Rivoli

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Off to the East - 24 août 2015

Monday night, we boarded a train for Nancy, arrived around 8:30pm, grabbed some frites from the famous friterie and found a whole bunch of missionaries with the same idea... frites. Everyone was coming in the night before Zone Conference! The Mulhouse soeurs stayed with the Nancy soeurs as well, so we were 6 in the apartment that night. Soeur 
Fall is coming to the lovely city of Paris.
Look how beautiful. 🇫🇷❤️🇫🇷
Bell recounted her French hospital experience of getting her appendix removed...rather hilarious and frightening. I am so grateful for my health. and the standards of health in America and American hospitals. 

Anyway. Zone Conference part 2 was awesome. Though they were basically the same trainings, since it was practice teaching on a big scale, it was different and new things to learn. I loved it. President Babin also gave a little thought about the cleansing and healing power of Jesus Christ. It was perfect. Absolutely touching and needed by so many. Soeur Tippett and I split between our two zones (Nancy and Nancy-Strasbourg) to make sure we got both zones covered. I went with the Nancy zone for the Zone Leader trainings. SO inspired. It was all about remembering. We began with silently thinking of memories and experiences that have converted us, rather the times we rely upon when our testimony is tested. I thought about the first time my heart pounded telling me I needed to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting when I was 13, the many testimony camp fires at girls camp, receiving my Patriarchal Blessing, praying
Super cool lesson this week: in Lyon!
We Skyped with the STLs in Lyon
for them to pass us an amie who is

moving to Paris!
She's from China, how neat is that?
That's pretty neat.

The work continues to move forward.
 for help on AP tests, temple visits, the confirmation that I really was meant to go on a mission, receiving my call, going through the temple, being set apart as a missionary, the prayers pleading for help as I began in the field and didn't understand the language, culture, etc. There were a lot of thoughts that came to mind and it brought the Spirit with them. It was a wonderful formation about remembering why we are here, why we do what we do, and recharging our determination to do better. Remember. 

Right after Zone Conference, we drove to Toul with the Soeurs. They have a car because they are way out in the countryside near Switzerland and all the tiny villages are way far apart with no public transit. It was a breath of fresh air, that is for sure. My soul felt so free and happy. Oh it was lovely. So much space, sky, and air. Fresh air. Don't get me wrong, I love my smokey Paris air, but oh how refreshing it was to be out of the city for a bit. The Sœurs in Toul are great and we had a wonderful exchange. They go by way too fast and never seem long enough. We did some Porte-à-Porte, which we never get to do in Paris, so that was nice, though no one let us in. Actually, no one answered. Everyone is still en vacances. Summer vacation is the worst thing as a missionary because everyone drops off the face of the earth from July until September. We are pretty stoked for school to start again so everyone will be home! 

Anna the amazing and 
her personal 
emergency contact card. 
She loves it and thought 
it was so sweet of Ali. 
Thanks a bunch Al!
Thursday we ran all over the place all day long non-stop. Rendezvous back to back to back to back, it was awesome. It was such a great and fulfilling day. We were able to meet with Priscillia, a few less actives, teach some members English, and contact some incredible people on the metro. Lovely day. 

Friday was also super quick, but we did a whole lot of planning. I love planning, but sometimes I feel like we take way too long. Efficiency is tricky in planning. We want to be thorough and inspired, but quick and efficient. Tricky balance but we are working on it. We did get to see Anna after a rough week for her. She's doing much better, but still a bit of healing needed. It was so good to see her. She took a break from reading and keeping
Visitor from Nogent!!!
So fun to see her!
 he word of wisdom and soon realized that in fact, she wanted the gospel and the peace, comfort, and joy that it brings. Super cool lady. I love her dearly. Her date has been changed up to the 13th of September!!! Two weeks! I may not be here, but I am so excited for her. It will be a glorious day. ❤️ We also got to meet with Anne, who will be getting baptized the 12th of September but in Belgium! She's moving back next week. We are sad to see her go, but are so happy for her decision and testimony. Two amazing women, for whom I am eternally grateful. 

Saturday was another awesome giant Book of Mormon zone activity. It went super well. Sœur Van Den Berghe and I were comps for the 2 hours and found some fantastic children of God. We got to teach 6 lessons. SIX. It was amazing. A family from Iran, a couple from Netherlands, a family from Spain, a Californian, and of course some frenchies. The world is awesome. We truly are all brothers and sisters, children of God. How blessed are we to know that?! SO blessed. 

Sunday was lovely. Church was much less crazy than last week. We had DMP meeting after church and Frère Babin made a banana chocolate chip cake and chocolate mousse to celebrate birthdays. He's awesome, such a helpful Ward mission
David Babin, our Ward Mission Leader,
made me a special Babin
family recipe mousse
au chocolat for my birthday
because I can't eat cake!
(Sœur Babin helped him!)
How nice?!
We celebrated the birthdays
 of Elder Ho, Elder Ricks
And me for DMP meeting after church.
Good folk.

I am feeling good, doing well, and excited for what is up next this week. I cannot believe it's week 6 already. I haven't a clue if I'm leaving or not. I've been in Paris for 3 transfers and could do a 4th, but could leave too, only the Lord and President Babin know. Haha we find out on Saturday. I love this place and love the idea of getting to know another place, so either way, I am happy. Just here to serve where I'm needed. Though I do feel like leaving Paris is going to be a bit of a change, possibly not to comfortable, since my whole mission has been in Paris, but there is no growth in the comfort zone, right? No matter what happens, I have faith it is what the Lord has planned and I will do my best to trust Him and make the best of whatever comes me way. Things are going so well, I have the impression a mountain is coming my way, so I guess, bring it on. 😮

Have a fantastic week. Be good. Do more. Look outward.

Sœur Kate Simpson

What in the world is in this thing?!
 Taking the package
 home from La Poste

Welcome to my 
home food storage, 
brought to me by 
Costco across the ocean.
 A bit much, but I am grateful. 
Haha If I transfer next week, 
moving this is gonna be fun.
But it came at a great time 
because this is our part of the fridge... 
We've got some butter, mayo, 
shredded cheese, a gluten free tortilla, 
and some gluten-filled cookie dough. 
Since we were going to 
be gone for 3 days, we just decided 
to do it when we got back, 
but then never had time...
so thank you for saving us.