Monday, November 24, 2014

The Miracle of Maison 35 - Nov. 24, 2014

What a wonderful week. Still not easy, but so great. We did a lot of contacting and coeuring, but really didn't see a lot of outward success. No one was interested and everyone was too busy or said we were wasting our time, and all that jazz. Well, we decided that we were deteremined to find a new
Nov. 24 La Marne
amie (investigator) because it had been too long and we knew Heavenly Father had prepared some one. We prayed SO hard and we really believed He would deliver if we did our part and talked and taught everyone we could. Well, we walked along the Marne, which is absolutely beautiful in a gross river-ish kind of way, and talked to a few ladies, but one of them said some crazy stuff about medicine and dying children and brains, and it was weird, but we kept on going. It got to be time to leave, and still we had no new amie. We went to the bus stop, but felt to go back over the bridge, but then that wasn't right, so we went back to the bus stop. A lady was sitting there, and I sat down next to her. I just started to talk to her and asked how her day was and such, which after an effort to keep talking to her, she finallly opened up. We talked about prayer and our divine nature as children of God. She then agreed to pray with us and then miraculously agreed to have a rendez-vous with us this week! SO amazing. Right as we were at the end, we just opened our mouths as we are supposed to do, and the Lord had prepared LaLine (who is from Madagascar which is so sweet) for us.

So, the title of this email is also a cool miracle. When coeuring (knocking doors) we do this at night, because it's not safe to contact at night for us here, IF the people answer, it is always, literally every time, "non merci, ne m'interesse pas." I asked Sr. Stevens one day whilst contacting if anything had ever come of coeuring and she said no. Not with her trainer, and her trainer hadn't either. WELL GUESS WHAT?! never say never, because in the wonderful ville of Sucy-en-Brie, we had a miracle! The lady opened her window and basically asked us for everything. She was like, "well, do you have something I could read?" "Can you come by another time and tell me more?" AHHH! YES! So we gave her the Book of Mormon and the Restoration pamphlet, our card, and get this... The next day, SHE CALLED US! Also a first for Sr. Stevens. Her husband is against it
As in MASQUERADE!!!!!!!
and she wondered if she needed us to pick up the book, to which Soeur stevens said, no it's free and for you. She told her to read Moroni 10, which the lady did as they were on the phone and she said, "I love this, it sounds just like the Bible. I'm going to read it and call you." Coolest thing ever. I hope things turn out well.

Well in brief summary, this week was good. We had some good lecons on trajet and contacting. Family, look up Chateau de Vincennes. Its an old fortress castle cathedrale thing where we contact a lot, it's probably my favorite. For P-day last week we went to the Louvre. UNREAL. Seriously a dream.

Oh! How could I forget! Elder Quentin L. Cook came to France! Our ENTIRE mission came to
La Jaconde
aka Mona Lisa.
Versailles for the conference, which was unbelievably cool. The spirit was intense and I was overwhelmed with gratitude and love for the gospel and the apostle of Jesus Christ. Elder Cook and the other speakers talked about Preach My Gospel and the importance and divine guidance that was part of its' creation. Pretty cool. I love Prechez Mon Evangile. It is applicable to every stage of life and betters each one of us.

Also, I got to see every missionary in my mission, which is unheard of. There are 17? missionaries from Davis High in this mission, some I didn't even know were here. SO cool. Elder Cook opened part of the time for Q&A and Dallin Tidwell asked the only question he answered. Elder Cook even said something about "I've heard they have a great French teacher there in Davis county" after finding out Dallin was from Davis. Even the apostles know about Davis High. #DHP

Life is oh so good. I love being a missionary even though it's difficult at times, it is wonderful.

I love you all. Have a great week!

Avec amour,
Soeur Kate Simpson

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