Saturday, November 8, 2014

Random Facts about my life in the MTC

1. If the bookstore has chocolate covered cinnamon bears, buy them all. They go quick and don't restock for who knows how long. Sr. King and I checked pretty much everyday after lunch and to no success.

2. My zone's sisters received "the ugly shirt" from the previous STLs and we all had to wear it for one day. It is the picture of me in the puke green turtle neck, which I attempted to cover avec a scarf. #initiation

3. I ate a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie nearly everyday, something I looked forward too. However, it most definitely doesn't even come close to Sweet Cake.

4. Sr. King and I would race on the stairs everytime we ascended/descended the stairs. Good times.

5. Thanks to my dear friend Mackelle Pope, I taught my roommates "sure love ya" and we would do it everynight and then group hug.

6. Studying outside is the best. October is the prettiest month to be at the MTC.

7. Percussion beats including the "mysterious ticking noise" reenactment, would happen occasionally. On breaks, of course.

8. I can't think of other things at the present, but I j

Elder Darguence (from France)
drew a picture of
me saying I'm cold.
He is with his silly
wonderful companion
Elder Kokona from Vanuatu.
Elder B. Nana
May he rest in peace

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