Monday, December 29, 2014

Noel 2014: In Photos (because a picture's worth a thousand words and I don't have time to write that many words)

Our little Christmas corner.

TAKE THAT, SNAIL! As much as I absolutely loathe snails, I have eaten 3. and Grenouille...
I ate pretty much every cliche French food during Christmas and its' Eve. #sorryKermit
Chez Familly Lethuaire, Christmas Eve

Bouche de Noel with little Johann Lethuaire

The Lethuaires
They hosted us for a real French Christmas Eve party. So wonderful!

Lovin the hand warmer things!

The only people on trajet on Christmas day... Heading to the Rasbands for Christmas lunch

Caroline Rasband
She and her mom hosted us for Christmas lunch. Escargots encore!

So magical.

La Tour Eiffel
Finally saw this beauty close up! A pretty cool Christmas present, I'd say!

I love you family!

The Angulo Family
They hosted us for Christmas dinner and Skype. They are just awesome. They are originally from Argentina, then to Spain, and now in France! Communicating is slightly difficult; the spirit is the only way it is possible.

Tartiflette! SO good. Cooking success.

The Allanic children "coiffur-ed" us. Don't we look beautiful?!

This week was grand.So many blessings and miracles.
I love you all! Be good. Do more. Look outward.

Sœur Simpson

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