Monday, December 22, 2014

Joyeux Noël - 22 décembre 2014

Joyeux Noël!

I don't even know where to start, but it all boils down to: CHRISTMAS TIME IS THE BEST TIME.

The spirit of Christmas is so real, which really is the spirit of Christ. Soeur Stevens and I have seen miracle after miracle this week of people embracing this time of family, love, and giving. We have
sweet RER station in Sucy-en-Brie
been let into houses (for the first time ever) to sing and pray and it has just been amazing. I LOVE THE FRENCH! As difficult as they can be sometimes, once you get them softened up, they are the sweetest and most wonderful people. It is so cool to see the love of Christ in action. I wish and pray that it can stay the whole year!

Claudia (an amie) me, and Sr. Stevens
at the Soiree de Noel at the church.
We ate super french appetizers,
like potato slices with
raw tuna and herbs, and then duck
and mashed potatoes,
and green beans.
The duck was delish.

This week included Pday in Paris as usual, we checked out this awesome cathedral just outside of the the Chatelet station in the center of Paris. I don't think I can handle this much incredible architecture and art all the time. Too much awesome. But I love it, I think I'll be okay.

We had exchanges in Nancy this week and oh my heavens, it was life-changing. I love exchanges. Our STLs are amazing. I was with Soeur Abigail Hosking from Oakland/San Fran, CA and has SO much energy, it kind of rubbed me the wrong way the first
Today for Pday, we went to the front
of Disneyland Paris
and walked around Downtown Disney,
because we can't actually
go into Disneyland.
It was so magical nonetheless.

time I met her, but boy was I wrong. She is awesome. We had some awesome conversations and miracles and oh man. I got to meet this Armenian lady who only spoke Armenian, Russian, and super awful English, but her spirit and love made it possible to communicate. Her husband was assassinated and she was forced to flee to France and leave everything behind. She is now alone and so poor, but she still finds happiness. :)

Just the cutest little primary
boys in the world.
I can't understand them,
but they're adorable.
SOIRÉE DE NOËL de notre paroisse was SO fun. We had 4 amis come and Sr. Stevens and I got to help do the primary childrens hair for the little program of noel all around the world. We got to watch some of the First Presidency Christmas Devotional en francais and I understood most of it. It was just so great.

Life is good. I love Nogent. I love being a missionary and CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST. I love you all!

Joyeux Noël!
Soeur Kate Simpson

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