Monday, December 15, 2014

Place de la République et Conference de Pieu - Décembre 15

Bonjour à tous! J'espère que vous allez bien!

It's been a good week, can't complain. Still hardly any outward success of contacting all the time, BUT we had a giant miracle. Remember Cynthia, the member referral from the Angulo family?! She's come to church a few times, bore her testimony two weeks ago, and she came to Stake Conference yesterday. So this week we had our first lesson with her, and before we even started teaching, she said, "So, I want to baptize myself, well not myself, but I want to be baptized by Frere Angulo, and I want to prepare myself for that, so will you help me to be ready?"
It actually wasn't even that good.
Slightly disappointed. but still fun.

Uh....YESS!!!! That's why we are here!!!! :) :) :)

It was awesome. She is a 16 year old girl with the soul of I don't even know what. something amazing and incredibly strong. we were SO happy. Unfortunately, her mom doesn't seem to be in complete support, so we've been praying hard for her mom's heart to be softened and be in support of Cynthia.

But how cool is that?! Miracles happen, even in France.

AND the Angulos invited us over for Christmas to Skype. This
I made a gluten-free crepe!
It was delish.
Pardon how awful I look,
but hey, mission life.
family is the answer to so many prayers. I just love them. So family, expect a Skype call around 6:00pm france time, so like 11:00am Utah time I believe, check that for sure though please. :) I can't wait!

The miracle of maison 35 ended for now... we went to follow up this week, and the husband told us to go away and not come back. So that's too bad. Maybe someday!

Caroling. Okay. This was probably one of the most cliche mission moments yet and I LOVED it. Our district, plus some members and the DMP from Paris-Lilas ward gathered at La Place de la Republique, a giant plaza with a famous fountain/statue, and we sang a bunch of Christmas hymns and some pagan christmas songs too and got to contact quite a few listeners. It was fun. Pretty sure we got instagrammed. Ali and Fran, check it out for me please. ;) "The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear." right? It was cold, windy, drizzling, but so funny. The Paris-Lilas DMP, Frere Applegate from Oxford, England is hilarious. I don't know why everything is funnier with a british accent, but it just is. Elder Gaule is British too and I just die everytime they talk. Good times.

Saturday was awesome. We had a super powerful lesson with Marie-Pierre and a member, Soeur

Blatéron. Soeur B served a mission in Tahiti. She basically did all the talking, teaching, and it was EXACTLY what was needed. We hadn't even talked to her before hand, but the spirit was intense. M.Pierre hasn't been keeping her commitments and kind of seems like she doesn't want to change, so this was like a "do or die" lesson to see if we should continue to teach and visit her. Oh it was just so good.

Adamson Selfie.
We made christmas cookies and
shared a story from
Elder Neil L Andersen.
They're so cute!
We had stake conference this weekend and guess what?! It was at a Cinema. as in a movie theater. Super weird walking in as a missionary, but it was still so great. Also really easy to fall asleep in those awesome comfy chairs, but don't worry, I didn't. At least not for more than 5 minutes, I think. It's so cool to have the same meetings everywhere in the world. It truly is the Lord's gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ.

Soeur Stevens and I are becoming good friends. It's so nice to have a companion that is also a good friend. We laughed a lot this week and are finally getting some inside jokes. I know she still really misses Sr. Tupai, her trainer, which is understandable, but I am glad it's finally becoming the two of us.

Things are good in Nogent. Christmas is coming and you can feel it in the freezing, humid air. I am so grateful for the experiences I am having; I know they are making me become closer to who I need to become. I know the Lord has a much better plan for us than our own. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the true gospel and this is His church. I know it was restored through Jospeh Smith, a prophet of God. I love being a missionary.

I love you all! All the best.

Soeur Kate Simpson

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