Monday, February 1, 2016

Opera & Medicine - 1 février 2016

Opera because Soeur Giordano is practicing her opera warm ups as I type. Medicine because I'm sick and need medicine. Haha don't worry, we are headed to the pharmacie after emails.

It was a great week. Filled with blessings and miracles as usual. Biggest miracles of the week: finally got to teach Franck after a month and it went super well. And guess what? MARIE PETIT SET A BAPTISMAL DATE. Yes. March 12. So excited. She is such a sweet lady and her desire to follow Christ is inspiring. She came to all 3 hours of church this Sunday and we had the first gospel principles class since before I've been here. Many blessings.

We had exchanges in Villeneuve d'Ascq with our STLs Soeur Proudfoot and Soeur Ulrich. It was lovely. I was with Soeur Ulrich and we spent most of our time in Belgium! We got to teach the sweet Brazilian family again, such an inspiration. We bought frites for the walk to their apartment, about a 30 minutes walk. we also got to walk the walk they walked to church because we missed our train. Walked across the order back into France. It was a beautiful day. Soeur Ulrich and I had a really cool discussion about our favorite things about being a missionary and serving a mission. The spirit was so strong and the flood of memories of my mission thus far just warmed my heart and soul. What a blessing it is to serve a mission.

Things are good and many good things to come. I love these people.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Keep smiling and sharing the light of Christ with all those around you. You make a difference. Thank you for making a difference in my life.

Happy week,

Sœur Kate Simpson

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