Monday, February 29, 2016

Ça va. Ça va. - 29 février 2016

Another great week in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie. Yes. That is the new name of our department in France. Saving money or something? But not breath, it's a mouth full. Anyway. It was good. Literally every single one of our rendezvous fell through and nothing went according to plan, BUT it was still good.

Culture. It's important.
We met a few nice people as we tried to go street contacting in the cold mornings, but no one interested yet. YET is the key word. Many seeds planted. Whenever the harvest season does show up, it's going to be one giant harvest because we've been planting and nourishing a TON of seeds. All in the Lord's time.

My dear Soeur King
Tuesday was a day well spent with Soeur King, as our bleues were off at OFII for first year legality. It was a beautiful, warmer day, and we just got lost in Paris contacting. It was lovely. We ended up walking pretty much all over. We made it to the Place de la République, then over to the Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triomphe, and ended up at the Seine across from the Tour Eiffel. Pas mal for an afternoon in Paris. We met some awesome people too. We had a nice bench lesson in a park with a girl from Australia. Talked to some Koreans and French too. It was so good to catch up and talk about each other's missions. So cool to start our missions together and get a recap for a day at the end. I sure love Soeur King. She is amazing and I'm so glad we met. I am so going to Louisiana to visit.

Dinner at Notre Dame
We didn't get back with our real companions until like 5:30 and our train was at nearly 7:00, so Soeur Giordano and I headed out to find some food. I took her to the missionary classic, Genia's, the panini-crêpe place in the Latin quarter on the left bank across from the Fontaine Saint Michel. A member family from California stopped us and took pictures with us and paid for our food. It was awesome. I wonder if that is what it's like for missionaries in America? True or false? Either way, they were super nice. We took our food to Notre Dame and ate in the grand place just in front of it and ate in the heart of Paris. It was slightly magical. So good to be back. I think it was cool for Soeur G too. Good talking time and smelling the roses of life.

Contacting with Stéphane
The rest of the week was, as I said, not according to plan, but we made lots of other plans. So much in store. We went contacting with Stéphane, a RM in our ward who is an assistant to our DMP. Good experiences contacting. Super nice to have a native Francophone.

Charlotte couldn't make it to church, but said she'll be next week! Super excited for that! Also, Marie came to church! Things are good and we are blessed.

I now that the Lord has a plan, even if it is not our Plan A, or B, or C, or even D. But it is always better. We just have to keep trying. Keep working, being creative, and just enjoying the adventure. Tomorrow marks 17 months since entering the MTC. I cannot believe it. I am so grateful for the plan God has for me and for the adventure He has taken me on. I pray that I can continue to figure it out with Him and do my best.

Make it an awesome week,

Sœur Kate Simpson

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