Monday, February 15, 2016

L'Amour de Dieu ❤️- 15 février 2016

Elder Stanford, Elder Pumford, Elder Lucas, Elder Tibbitts 
Soeur Hogan, Soeur Giordano, Soeur Simpson, Soeur Morris
It was an interesting week. Kind of just bleh. Not typical nor filled with many exciting things, blessings and little miracles of course, but a whole lot of planning and organizing that is hard to feel like we did much. But it will pay off in the future. In our efforts to find His lost sheep, those who have been found but have strayed, we have be planning some what of an operation to rescue them. We are trying to join forces of the missionaries + members to go out and help our brothers and sisters come back. This Saturday we will be going to the cities of Lens, Bruay La Buissière, and Béthune to find and help those who were once an active part of our ward. Miracles to come.

So the week was bleh EXCEPT for Sunday.

We experienced an enormous miracle on Sunday. True love. A dear member in our ward referred us to her friend from work, to whom she had answered some questions and given a Book of Mormon. We have tried to contact and meet with Charlotte for weeks, with no avail. But Sunday after church, Soeur V took us to visit her for the first time. She is golden. I was blown away, as were we all. Absolutely prepared to receive the gospel. She described how she felt so lost and so unhappy. She 
I love this district.
God answered a mission dream,
to serve with Soeur Hogan,
though just in the same district for one transfer,
but it happened and it was wonderful.
What an incredible servant
of the Lord and fantastic friend.
She is a blessing. 
was thirsting for inner peace. She wants to believe in something but she didn't feel good about certain doctrines, beliefs, and practices of other churches. Charlotte had started reading the Book of Mormon after Soeur V gave it to her and she is hooked. She said "quand je commence, je n'arrive pas à m'en sortir. C'est comme je suis dans une boule. Je ne peut pas l'expliquer. Je me sens bien. C'est tout. Je n'ai pas les mots pour le décrié."

The discussion with Charlotte and Soeur V was powerful and filled with the Holy Ghost. We talked about prayer, the blessing the gospel is for families, and the Restoration of the church of Jesus Christ. She simply glowed as we continued to tell of the restored gospel and the joy that it brings. It was truly as if a part of her soul was beginning to wake up. She cried as she tried to explain how she felt after the first vision of Joseph Smith, only able to get out that she wants to feel like that forever. She finally feels the peace for which she has been thirsting. She asked if she could come to church one day..."YES! This Sunday! You are so welcome to come church!" Near the end of the discussion, we invited her to be baptized, to which she said she has been wanting to be baptized but by her choice. She was baptized into the Catholic Church when she was 2 months old, but doesn't believe in all of their practices and felt like it was unjust that she was baptized and it wasn't her choice. So many miracles and blessings in this lesson. I could not help but just feel the love of God for Charlotte. She has found the path to peace, the waters of life, and we are here to help her reach them.

Auto car to St. Pol sur Ternoise...
The trains were cancelled all day to repair the track....
so we took a coach bus for 1hr. 16 min.
on winding country roads.
We tried to organize our
ward list and maps, but got a bit car sick...
But we had a nice conversation
with a man sitting in front of us.
Opportunities everywhere!
I just cannot express how grateful I am for Soeur V for opening her mouth when the Lord placed someone in her path who desperately needs and was thoroughly prepared to receive the gospel. Her courage to live the gospel and answers with testimony have been an answer to the pleadings of a lost soul.

This is love. Sharing the love of God with those around us. It's doesn't have to be a grand spectacle, but simple conversations and quiet acts of service can be the opportunity and answer to someone's prayer and the love they are missing.

I love this gospel. I love our Father in Heaven and His son, Jesus Christ. I love the opportunity They give us to share their love. I cannot believe I am beginning my last transfer as a full time missionary. I will be finishing my mission in Arras with my dear Soeur Giordano. I couldn't be more grateful. I love this work, this people, and this experience.

I love you. I know that God loves you. Don't forget it. Here we go! Last the best of all the game.

Avec amour, Sœur Kate Simpson

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