Monday, January 4, 2016

Meilleurs Vœux et Bonne Santé - 4 janvier 2016

Typical District Transfer Age Photo 
Terrible lighting. Sorry.
Best wishes, good health, and a happy new year to all! 

This week was a week. Not the best one of my life, nor the worst,  it it just didn't have much to it. Holidays are weird as a missionary and there was some confusion on the rules and expectations for New Year's Eve and day on the mission leadership level, so we were expecting one thing and it ended up being different. We went running Wednesday morning for exercises and it was awesome. Until the next day when I could hardly move and my back hurt like never before. I'm slightly falling apart but it's all good.

No it was a good week. There is always good in each day. Tuesday we didn't completely drop a member in a wheelchair down the stairs. Miracle. Wednesday we had an inspired district meeting about divine nature. It felt like young womens. Thursday we ran. And after studies we ventured out to
Soeur Soileau bought me a meringue
 because I won our "Elf on a Shelf" challenge.
 St. Pol sur Ternoise, taught and ate with a member who made us boudin and compote de pome and stuffed us so full. Basically like thanksgiving. We were not invited to anyone's home for New Year's Eve so we worked quand même. Friday we did not get to sleep in like we thought we initially could, but that's ok. We had a New Year's Day lunch with the Riem family, which was lovely. It was a ghost town and the only people out were we organized the area book, made calls, came up with some plans, did weekly planning and tried to make ourselves useful and productive.

Saturday. Saturday was deemed Carpe Diem day during our weekly planning last week for this week. It means that we just go crazy and don't let a person pass us without contacting them. Seizing absolutely every situation no matter what to share the gospel. It was hard. But it felt good at the end of the day. That kind of makes it sound like we don't take every opportunity normally, but we do. Sometimes we can't contact everyone or it's not the most efficient thing to do at the time. This day was "gotta catch 'em all" Day.

Seconds after my phone call 
withElder Martin calling 
me to be a trainer! Ah.
It also was Répertoire day. The day we get transfer assignments. Repertoire is sent by email at noon. BUT leadership calls from the Assistants and Président start at 10. So one's phone feels like a time bomb. We were contacting our hearts out and we nearly made it to 11am without a call until 10:54... AP1 calls. I answered and it was Elder Martin, my good friend from my Paris days. He is the U.S. Naval Academy one from Texas, called Mandarin speaking. Anyway. He informed me that I was called to be TRAINING! Again haha This time it will be a fresh bleue from the MTC. I'm gonna be a Mom!

I've trained twice, but the first one, Soeur Dufour, was a visa waiter and I was with Soeur Tane too, so that was a bit different. And I step-mom-ed Soeur Soileau, though I consider myself her real mom. So I have yet to have a bleue that is fresh from the plane and going to stay in this mission. Ah. I'm a bit nervous but mostly excited. I know it is an inspired calling and what the Lord wants for the both of us. Also, a little excited because it's already giving me more energy to finish strong. I was really feeling my steam run out this week, but change is good and new beginnings are good. All good things. All good things.

Also. DREAM COME TRUE. Soeur Rachel Hogan is coming into my district for her last transfer! I couldn't be happier. So many blessings. I am sad though to see Soeur Soileau leave. She is a best friend and a wonderful companion. It has been amazing to see her change and step up to the plate of being a missionary. She is going to be wonderful. She is going to Orléans be companions with my 

Sunday night member visit 

with Soeur Caroline and Elizabeth
mission sister, Soeur Tilby, who Soeur Stevens just finished training before she finished her mission in December. Everything is so connected. Haha I'm excited for her. She'll be great.

With the New Years traditions and being a missionary, goals are basically my life. I prayed and read my patriarchal blessing before making yearly goals to try and get some inspiration on them. I made goals for the rest of my mission and goals for once I get home, which has been not super fun to face. Finding the balance is a bit trickier than I anticipated. But I am excited for whatever the Lord has I store for me this year. 2015 was a year full of just about everything and I am so glad I was blessed with all the experiences I was given. I know that God has a plan for every single one of us. It isn't always, and sometimes hardly ever, is our own plan, but it is always better for us. I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who knows me better than I do and who watches out for me.

 I know God and Jesus Christ live. I know they love you. I know that we can start again because of their love and their sacrifice. There is no such thing as the end, for we can always try again. Here's to trying a little harder to be a little better. I know we can do it.


Sœur Kate Simpson 

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