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Bags & Bleue Fire - 11 janvier 2016

Bye to Soeur Soileau
What a week. It was a good one, as usual, but change is always an adjustment. It was sad to say goodbye to mission friends and Soeur Soileau but I know there are far better things ahead for her. I'm excited for her to discover and learn more. She'll be wonderful.

Tuesday was a day of service and render-vous. The elders washing machine has been broken and then just barely told us that they have been hand washing the last bits of their clothes. I told them to bring all their laundry over and we'd do it for them. So we spent every time we weren't teaching, switching, folding, and ironing their clothes. It was a nice service and they desperately needed it. We Febreezed everything.

We taught a new amie, Anasthasie, the restoration and she believed it right away. It turns out she already has a Book of Mormon and knew some missionaries a few years ago in Lille but had lost contact. She is evangelist and very believing. She told us about her experience of being baptized in the evangelical church and that she started speaking in tongues she didn't was a little iffy. But she was super nice and the rest of the time we felt the spirit. She told us that the first vision was true and she believes in it and that she would start the Book of Mormon again. We are hopeful for her.

Wednesday was transfer day, so the elders came to help with bags and then we were off to Paris. We separated at Gare du Nord; I went to St. Merri for training training, and she had to wait with other missionaries to get to Austerlitz to get to Orléans. I love St. Merri. It's like being home. We were trained by Président Babin and Elder McBride a bit before all the bleus came in. It was a pretty big group. We were divided trainers on one side and  bleus on the other. Then one by one, president and his little slide show announced who was going to be training who. I didn't keep track until it came because the group was so big, but I was the last Soeur to get my bleue.

Sœur Marianna Giordano. Yes, her father is half Italian. She was born and partially raised in Boston,
Hello to Soeur Giordano
 Mass and the teen years in Wausau, Wisconsin. She has studied English and international development for 4 years at BYU and is 22. She is amazing. Absolutely a dream come true for a trainer. She is so prepared and so ready to work. She hit the ground running and I've been trying to catch up. I have been so impressed. She speaks French very well, still struggling with comprehension, especially with the northern accent, but none of the members believed she was a brand new missionary. They give her at least 6 months in France already. It has made my job a whole lot easier. We just go hard all day long and I love it. She's got the bleue fire and it's contagious.

We went to the Leterme's, the bishop and his family, for her first rendezvous. It went well and she connected with the family. They were silly and teased her a lot, so I believe that means she fits right in. Haha

We spent Thursday with Soeur Meurisse, driving all over the place to see less actives. We got to meet and teach two sisters I've never met, so it was nice to get to now them. We had some pretty bold lessons about coming unto Christ and returning to church. They seemed to be quite touching and I pray they will be able to come to church soon. We went to go see Sr. Koch, who was sick, but she wasn't home. So we took some flowers to visit a single elderly sister in our ward who was all alone. I think it made her day, so we were glad it worked out.

Contacting in Béthune
Friday was a day mostly spent with the Bonds and then DMP meeting and Ward Council. It went WAY too long, so we brainstormed with the Elders what we can do to make our meetings mover efficient. It's a process. Saturday was great, we got to find some people, not so interested, but that's ok. We planned, taught a member family, and got some mission logistics information for Soeur Giordano. Sunday went pretty well. Everyone was impressed with Soeur G's French and welcomed her to the ward. They were wonderful. We had a ward missionary meeting after church, then after lunch had more planning and strategizing. We went to visit a sister who is working like crazy. She had to work on Sunday from 8:00am to midnight with one hour of break. Insane. So we left her a card and a treat.

We both were wiped out today, and so for our PDay activity, we took a nap. Haha it was so nice. The first time I've been able to nap on a PDay. Ever. It was lovely. Never long enough, but I am grateful for it. Siobhan, a YSA in our ward, invited us to lunch with her today, so we went to a Chinese buffet that is next to the church. It was not super delish, but it was good to talk with her.

Well, I'm excited for what's in store. Lots of work to be done and lots of plans to do it. It's so nice to have all the missionaries on the same page and willing to do everything we can to really get the work rolling here. We can feel it almost here. Lots of seeds almost ready to sprout.

Sœur Kate Simpson

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