Monday, January 18, 2016

Below Zero - 18 janvier 2016

Bonjour tout le monde, Not much detail this week, but no worries, it was a great week. I also forgot my camera in my other pretty much no photos this week. Sorry.

Some things we lived this week:

Legit comp studies and lesson planning like nobody's business.
Practice teaching to Bescherelle, our verb conjugation book.
Obedience blessings in the below zero.
Planning for the mini MTC 
youth activity this weekend.
RDV with a referral at the church who acted out her dream about some pretty personal religious things...she also hears dead people.
Got proposed to by a man walking in the street.
Went less active finding with a YSA and taught some wonderful people.
Went to Paris.
Listened and soaked up the wisdom and spirit from President Kearon, the Europe region president in the presidency of the Seventy.
Bonded with President Kearon about eating our gluten free salads while everyone else ate sandwiches.
Got pumped to "attack every day" by jumping out of bed, praying with real intent, sweating in exercising, and taking cold showers to invigorate us and get going for the day. Not sure about the cold shower part.
Met a nice lady named Magaly, who was not interested in learning more, but had met with missionaries once before. One day.
THE GAME PLAN creation with the Elders to get the work organized and unified in Arras.
Drunk homeless man laying down at the bus stop said he loved me.
Efficient and successful ward council meeting and coordination meeting.
Successful youth/YSA spiritual thought, popcorn, and UNO activity after their seminary and institute.
Hail storm.
Rain storm.
Snow storm.
Wind storm.
Negative degree weather has arrived in the North. Winter is on its way.
Organization and planning like crazy.
Phone call from a sobbing man, who wants to be baptized, saying he was going to end his life because a lady, who happens to be a non active, wouldn't answer his phone calls. This lady also believes she is a reincarnated Russian princess.
Wonderful and spirit filled lesson with a old amie whom I've never taught before. Porting and batting in St. Nicolas, no one interested, but no one too harsh either.
MARIE PETIT CAME TO CHURCH. the first amie to come to church since I've served here. She is our one and only progressing investigator.
She is 80 years old. What a blessing.

Needless to was a weird but wonderful week. Always an adventure. I love it. Soeur Giordano and I are doing very well. She is just on track and focused all day, works constantly, and we are trying our best to help these dear people. I'm excited for what's in store.
Good things to come.

Have a wonderful day.

Sœur Kate Simpson

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