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531 Pages in 5 Weeks - 27 juillet 2015

Bonjour mes chers frères et sœurs,

I hope you're all well. It's been another great week in Paris. It was transfer week, so a bit crazy, but busy is good. Just how I like it. Tuesday we welcomed in the new Bleues (greenies I believe is the English word). There were 4 soeurs and they are awesome. I "fathered" Sœur Woolley, from Riverton. Absolutely adorable and such a great missionary already. She was assigned to Versailles, so she's in our STL group! I'm excited. Wednesday was transfer day, and we were stationed at St. Lazare to give T+ tickets to in coming missionaries from Caen and Rouen. I got to see Soeur Hogan and Soeur Facer again! 
STL selfie at Conseil de Mission 
Sr. Defranchi, Sr. Romero, 
Sr. Rasband, Sr. Tippett, 
Sr. Proudfoot, and Sr. Hill
Thursday was Conseil de Mission. President Babin gave a wonderful training on charity and truly loving those around us. We do what we do out of love, and if we sprint, we must work, pray and try to do so. I find it absolutely true. Without love, we cannot accomplish what the Savior would have us do. I am so grateful for President Babin, the Assistants, and the fellow mission leaders. The APs gave a fabulous training on diligence. It is exactly what are mission needs. It is an obedient mission but there is always room for improvement. I shared my favorite quote from Martha Washington, as I love to do so as often as applicable.

"I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever circumstance I may find myself; for I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance, but by our disposition."

I felt like my heart was going to explode from thumping so loud, so I just shared it. I hope someone needed it in the council. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost and the promptings he gives us. That is definitely an area where I can improve, being diligent and obedient to promptings of the Holy Ghost, especially those which bring myself outside of my comfort zone. My comfort zone is pretty big, at least I feel so in comparison to where I was, but there is somehow always room to expand, grow, and dare new things. My friend Garrett said to me that he had a motto of "do something everyday that scares you." I suppose it is a good motto, as long as they are wise and good decisions.

Well, Friday, we had a meeting with the ZLs to plan for Distric tLeader Training Saturday. 
Liberty leading the People, anyone?  
Tombe d'Eugene Delacroix 
Cimetière du Père Lachaise
They came up with a slightly crazy goal. We are going to each read he entire Book of Mormon in one transfer. We've got 5 weeks. Yep. 15 pages a day. Soeur Tippett and I feel like we already don't have enough time to get everything else done, but here we go. So far, so good. It has been awesome. Saturday I started studies at 7:00am and read until 8:30 into personal study. It was a struggle to stay awake after an hour and Sunday I modified and started at 7:30am. It's a big change of morning routines. We've been getting up at 6:15am anyway for about a transfer and a half so that gives us a little extra time to get things going. Basically every "free" time we have, we get to read the Book of Mormon. It's awesome. The ZLs are pretty stoked and so are we. The rest of the zone will start Wednesday after the first district meeting of the transfer. We are also going to do the giant Book of Mormon contacting sessions twice this transfer because president likes it so much and we saw so much success. It'll be cool to have the whole zone reading and studying the Book of Mormon as we preach and invite others to read and study. I can only imagine for now how wonderful and more powerful it will be. Ah. I'm so excited. It's awesome already and I'm only on day3!

With that written, I won't have much if any time to write or doing anything else, but it's all good because it's for the Book of Mormon. Basically, see ya next transfer. Haha its going to be good.

I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is powerful and its power is real. I highly recommend it. With all my heart I recommend it. How has it changed your life today?

Happy week, Sœur Simpson

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