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A Whole Week in Our Secteur? 20 juillet 2015

A Whole Week in Our Secteur?

Yes. It is true. We had a full week in our own area. What a wonderful blessing to be able to serve all over France with our fellow soeurs, but oh how nice it is to be in Paris working in our own Ward boundaries.

After the lovely Versailles pday activities ended at 6:00, my District Leader and Zone Leaders gave me a blessing. I have felt a bit distracted, unfocused and just in need of a blessing. I haven't had one on my mission and I felt it was about time. I guess I needed it more than I thought. It was perfect and soothed my soul. Elder Martin gave the blessing and it was incredibly inspired. How grateful I am for worthy, honorable priesthood holders, ready and willing to serve.

Well, after a bit of worrying that something had happened to Anna because she didn't come to church and didn't answer our calls, all was well and she came to our rdv before the YSA FHE. It turns out she didn't sleep at all the night before and finally fell asleep at 7:00am... She simply slept past church. We were worried we scared her off with the baptismal date, but thankfully such was not the case. We had a lovely lesson with her and Flora about the plan of salvation. She told us that it was this part of the gospel that she believed in and hadn't found any other church that believed the same until this church. SO cool.

After Anna and Flora headed off to FHE, we ran to the other side of our secteur for a little member spiritual message with a family from Ukraine. They are some of the nicest and happiest people. Soeur Kretsu is so giggly and happy, it's hard not to just smile and love life when you're around her. We shared a message from President Eyring's talk "The Comforter" and they said it was exactly what they all needed to hear. It is so nice to have little confirmations of being an effective instrument in the Lord's hand. Soeur Tippett was inspired in studies that morning.

This transfer's last district meeting went well. Elder Martin gave a training on accepting our weaknesses and working on them to become strengths. It was very inspired.

Run to the Eiffel Tower– 5:15am came pretty fast, but it was oh so worth it. We took the metro 6 to Bir Hakeim and ran to the Eiffel Tower. Due to Bastille Day the day before, it was all blocked off and there were hung over and passed out drunk people all over the place. No worries, we were fine. We had such a beautiful morning. We ran across the ridge and along the seine, then found a little dock that we did some exercises on and watched as the sun rose and colored the Parisian sky. We were all pretty tired the rest of the day, but it was so worth it.

Anna chez Prisen. Priscillia's brother hosted a lesson with a few YSA girls and Anna already knew a few and it went super well. Anna is just on fire. Such a fabulous lady. She accepted a date for 20th of September!!! Hopefully she will realize she's ready earlier

Gina miracle. Coming home afterwards we were walking directly home because it was nearly 9:00pm. We were coming up behind a lady as we were talking and I decided just to say a little "bonsoir!" as we passed. She then talked back and asked how we were, something we were not expecting. We ended up talking about her family and she showed us a picture of her daughter, said a prayer with her after a great discussion. She asked US if we taught or had lessons, to which we informed her, yes! It was great. She then called us later that night and we are meeting with her tomorrow! ❤ crazy part: she normally walks on the other side of the block, never that way home, and we missed our metro stop and ended up walking home that way... Coincidence? I think not. The Lord has a plan.

DMP meeting at the Mission Home. David Babin, President and Soeur Babin's youngest son is our Ward mission leader (DMP in French). He threw a Bastille Day party and had tons of left overs. So he invited us over Friday to have our correlation meeting at the mission home and eat homemade burgers and ice cream and happiness. It was awesome. We were able to eat delish food and get a lot of things done all in the beautiful scenery de la maison de la mission.

Saturday was kind of special: we met up with Soeur Tippett's cousin for an authorized lunch hour. He is on an exchange and is touring with a kid from Rouen, France who stayed with his family in Georgia for 3 weeks. It was fun to see some of Soeur Tippett's family. We also met up with Pépita and had a good lesson with her. She is doing a lot better and seems to be much happier than when I first met her. It's cool to see the gospel changing people.

REPERTOIRE CAME OUT! I'm staying in Paris for another 6 weeks!!! 🇫🇷🇫🇷 I'm excited and grateful. Soeur Tippett is great and I am excited for another transfer with her here in the wonderful area of Paris. Here we go transfer 3 of serving as a Paris STL. Bring it on. 😊

Church went well on Sunday. Anna and Marie came! Anna seriously is incredible. She knows so much correct doctrine that we haven't even taught her yet. She participates like a seasoned member. She is awesome.

Today for pday activities Soeur Tippett and I ventured to Le Palais Garnier aka L'Opéra de Paris. Still as beautiful and breathtaking as last time, but this time we didn't get to see ballerinas practicing. We did, however, get to see a new display of costumes that were out in open air display on the balconies of the interior grand stair case. Outstanding and intricate designs. I can't even imagine how magical seeing a ballet in the theater would be.

I am so grateful to serve the people of Paris. It truly is wonderful. They are not usually nice nor friendly, but I love them anyway. There are always people who have been prepared and are open to listening about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It gives me such energy and joy testifying of the truthfulness of His gospel. What innumerable blessings are ours just in knowing and living the simple doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful to be a member and a full-time missionary at this time in this place. I know it is where God has need of me and I need these people and these lessons. I know the gospel is true. He lives. He loves you. True joy and hope exist in following and living the commandments of God.

I hope and pray you have a fabulous week! All the best,

Sœur Simpson

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