Monday, February 16, 2015

It's a...... BLEUE! - 16 février 2015

Life is oh so great. This week was awesome. :)

P day at Sacre Coeur, Zone Conference, Interviews with President and Soeur Babin, MEET THE MORMONS!!!!!!, exchanges with the STLs, surprise call from President with the news: I AM A
My wonderful companions
Samedi Sport
TRAINER!? Quoi de neuf?! Well it's more of, Soeur Tane and I are both trainers! Soeur Dufour, a visa waiter from Toulouse, France headed to the Temple Square mission, is our bleue! She is fabulous. I am now completely surrounded by francophones 24/7. It's awesome. I am having such a hard time speaking one or the other, it's basically franglais.

So ya. AND even better, we have found 4 new amis this week! It was a super awesome week of finding and teaching. ANNNDDD Valentine's Day was a day of miracles and love. We, the new trio, went to the DMP's house for the weekly coordination meeting, with the elders of Nogent. It was great, we continued to plan the Soiree Tahitienne. Then, we went to
Samedi Sports!
also, sorry for so much
Utah State pride, but not really. Go Aggies!
L’église de Nogent
Sr. Tane, Elder Maono, Allain,
Benjamin, Jonathan, Sr. Dufour,
me, Elder Utahia
the church for the first Samedi Sports at the church, where we played basketball in the rain with some investigators and members. SO ridiculously fun, and weird to wear pants again. haha but it was great. Then, we went to Villiers sur Marne for a rendez-vous and brought Sonia, an awesome young woman, who is from Cape Verde and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and French and the family we went to teach only speaks Portuguese... and they weren't there. But, that didn't matter! we left them a cute little note, then went on splits for porting and contacting! And guess what?! both sets of companions contacted Portuguese people! Soeur Dufour and I taught a cute
Valentine's Day splits! <3
Villiers sur Marne
Sonia, Sr. Tane, Sr. Dufour
old lady about O Plano de Salvaciaon, pretty sure that's how that's spelled in Portuguese. And we found a new amie, Carmel from Iran! She has lived in Arizona and knew us as Mormons! Oh. It was so cool, that even though our rdv fell through, we were prepared to share the gospel with Portuguese pamphlets and copies of the Book of Mormon.

My photo wall
+ new missionary photos!
Things are great in Nogent. I love my companions. It's definitely a bit crammed in the apartment, but it's wonderful. I love these sisters. American, French, Tahitian. 3 countries working together for the salvation of those here in France. :)

I got the letter of pictures of all the members of our family that have served a mission while they were missionaries. Super cool to look up at my wall and remember those who have done this before me. I also successfully got my package of thermals, thanks mom. Letters successfully arrived in France from Elder Taylor, Elder Bovee, Abbi
Such a beautiful day
La gare de Villiers sur Marne
Williams, and the Seelos family. Thank you! You are wonderful!

How wonderful is the work of the Lord! I absolutely love this work. :)

Have such a splendid week! Jesus Christ loves you. I love you. His gospel is restored and true. :)

Soeur Kate Simpson

SO stinkin cute.
I want to see this so bad.
Has anyone seen it in America?!
Is it wonderful?!

Soeur Tane trying out the
"paris from the ground" technique
Bus 210 stop, Nogent

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