Monday, February 9, 2015

Iaorana de Tahiti! - 9 février 2015

Iaorana, ma famille et mes amis!

Nogent is 3/4 Tahitian as of Wednesday and I think by the end of this transfer it will be 4/4. I have the
We look wretched, sorry, but MACDO
at a train platform because
we didn't have time in
between rendez-vous for dinner...
Créteil, Paris, France
privilege to serve with Soeur Tane, Elder Utahia, and Elder Maono here in Nogent, all from the beautiful isles of Tahiti, French Polynesia!

This week was a week of change and this change has been good. I love Soeur Tane. She is just so full of happiness and love and people just love her right off the bat and oh. There is a Tahitian Tsunami of happiness that just hit Nogent and we are in for a treat. We have had more positive contacts the past 3 days that I've had before in 3 weeks. She is in her 12th of 13 transfers and is a francophone, so her knowledge and experience is SO nice. I am excited to learn all I can from her. I feel like we are best friends already. She really is so sweet and loving. Life is good!
Soeur Tane standing in our window
sill + snow.  She LOVES snow,
I think this is her 2nd time s
eeing it in her life. :)
Nogent-sur-Marne, Paris, France

The new transfer began with a bang, 4 baptisms and 5 confirmations in the ward of Nogent. The Elders had 4 baptisms: Marie, Cacharelle, Dina, and Kenny, a family from Congo. They are so great. And Cynthia was confirmed! It was a jam-packed weekend of ordinances of salvation! Oh it was just so great. :)

It was probably one of the coldest weeks yet, but the sun shone
My life. Everyday. #RER
every single day since Tuesday, so I was happy. :) The sun truly makes a difference. It brings happiness and joy to my soul and I am just so grateful for the day's I can see the sun. Yes, definitely a spiritual metaphor possible, but I'll let you draw the parallels of the sun and the Son. :)

I love this gospel. I know it is true. What a blessing it is to share it with others. No work is more fulfilling than seeing those you come to love enter the waters of baptism, contracting their first covenant with our Father in Heaven. So splendid.

I pray all the best for you all and love you! Be good. Do more. Look outward!


Soeur Kate Simpson

The new Bleues
Just the Soeurs; what an awesome group of Soeurs.
Soeur Stevens and I got to "mother" them,
go contacting in Paris while others are
interviewed by President and Soeur Babin.
Super cute girls and great missionaries.

Kebabs with Sonia, one of the
best Young Women on this planet
Boissy-St Léger, Paris, France
My wonderful new comp. Soeur Tane!!!!

Bye Soeur Stevens

Escorting Soeur Hogan to Austerlitz Gare
to go to her new ville: Orléans

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