Monday, February 23, 2015

23 février 2015

Bonjour à tous!

I hope and pray all is well in your neck of the woods. This week in Nogent was rather splendid. It
Along the banks of the Seine
included district meeting at the lock bridge next to the Louvre, the RER stopped working for 2 days due to the discovery of a bomb shell from WWII, cleaning out a spider filled shed for a member, ironing children's clothes for the Relief Society President's 5 children under the age of 6, another baptism! an ami of the Elders, one of our new amies came to the baptism, samedi sport, and a delish Sunday dinner chez Kusselings.

My companions are wonderful and we get along so well.
More service!
Definitely a blessing. We have just had a blast in serving, teaching, and finding new amies. It's so nice to have love and service in a companionship. I have been sick for the past 2 days, and today, on my desk, they had made a little paper heart with a message of support and love. So nice of them.

We had some great lessons with our new amies we found last
"Lost in a vision"
aka sleeping on the RER
week. It is amazing to see the change in people's lives that the gospel brings. The true happiness and joy of the gospel is real. My testimony has grown this week by seeing just how much people can change from the gospel. There was a man who was baptized, that our elders from Nogent taught and baptized, on Saturday. He's from Congo, Africa, he was Muslim, he is divorced, his children are with their mom, he was in despair, depression, and one day, his friend, who is a member, just said "check out this website and just put your name in. It has blessed
Soeur Dufour, sporting a typical
French outfit for a
perfect promenade along the Seine
my life, and I know it can help you." Ismahila said that he just thought, "what the heck, it's not going to cost me anything and I'll just give my name and number, nothing's going to happen." Boy, was he wrong. Soeur Stevens and I actually received his info from referrals but passed on the referral to the Elders because Sr. Stevens was sick and he was a single man. Well the rest is history. He started meeting with the elders, started coming to church, and was baptized this weekend. He told his story and his testimony of how much joy he has now. He went from being completely depressed and alone, to joyful and knowing that Christ and our Heavenly Father, our ward, and the
In an elevator
after a pass-by to Clara's!

whole church is here for him. The gospel truly changes lives.

I love this work. :)

Have such a wonderful week! Keep up all the good you do! Be good. Do more. Look outward!

Soeur Kate Simpson

Isn't this adorable?!
African moms carry
their babies like this ALL the time.
Clever ad.

Celebrating Soeur Dufour's
first week as a missionary!

District Meeting fieldtrip to the
Lock bridgeby the Louvre
Elders Maono, Mattson,
Utahia, Jouffray, Westwood

District Meeting
Saint-Merri building, Paris, 4ieme Arrondis.
E. Mattson, Sr. Tane, E. Utahia,
E. Westwood, E. Maono,
E. Pieksma, Sr. Dufour, E. Jouffray

Soeur Tane, Elder Maono

3 Soeurs in a 2 man apartment! Wahoo!

Thank heavens for knowing
how to use these tools
before the mission!
Scraping off tile mud and
such in a member's kitchen!
yay for service!

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