Monday, March 21, 2016

Malade & Miracles - 21 mars 2016

My sweet STLs
Soeur Clements and Soeur Ulrich
Zone Conference in Lille
It was another great week in the North. We had a day full of rendezvous, a lovely zone conference in Lille, then two days inside due to LA GRIPPE!!!! ah.... Soeur Giordano got the flu and it knocked her down and out. So I did everything I could possibly think of to be productive and after organizing, updating, and calling the whole Areabook and ward list,  cleaning the apartment, packing a little bit of things I don't need at the present, writing in my journal, I read a bit in Jesus the Christ.

Miracles in Valenciennes
with Soeur Gilbert
Saturday we went to Valenciennes to help out the sœurs who have been inside for 3 weeks due to Soeur Romney injuring her knee to the point where she can't walk. We split the day into 3 sections and Soeur Giordano and I switched off going out with Soeur Gilbert to rendezvous and contacting. It was a full day, we got there at 9 am and left at 8pm, but filled with some great people and spiritual experiences.

Sunday was awesome. Church went very well and we had some new amis come that the elders found. They are from Iran and have been living in England for a bit before moving to France. Super nice people and I think they enjoyed church. Marie came to church and is doing well. After church we went to a family's house in the ward for lunch and the Easter message. Then such an awesome rendezvous with Stéphane, our miracle
 from our finding day in arras on the 12th, and met his wife, Sati. They were so great. Absolutely uplifting and filled with the spirit. We were able to use the Book of Mormon to support what he was telling us from the bible and they got to see how it works with it and testifies of Christ. They were touched and it went very well. We stopped by Marie's and then off to another family in the ward for dinner. It was a busy day but filled with good things and good people.

An entrée for lunch 
at a members house 
The French love
 their smoked salmon.
Today we are in Lille for a zone activity PDay thing. Companionships competing in challenges with other companionships about French, the scriptures, team work, etc. thus far, Soeur G and I are winning out of the whole zone. I'll let you know what the final verdict is.

It was just a good week. Things had to be cancelled and rescheduled, things hardly ever go according to plan, but when doors and windows close, there are always those which are opened. While Soeur Giordano was sick, I had some time to just sit in my chair, think to myself and pray. It's rare and hard to find time to just stop and be still as a missionary, and I think in everyday life too, but oh does it do the soul some good. It makes me think of "be still and know that I am God." from Psalms 46:10. I am grateful for the moments I had to just be still and quiet and just talk to my Father in Heaven. I know that He is there and He is waiting to hear from us. What can you do this week to be still and better know that God is there?

Have a splendid week! Avec amour,

Sœur Kate Simpson

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