Monday, March 28, 2016

Je sais qu'il vit, mon Rédempteur! - 28 mars 2016

My Last District
Elder Lucas, Sœur Giordano, 
Elder Blackham, Elder Van Tonder, 
Elder Carson, Elder Stanford, Elder Egbert. 
Sœur Akpan et Sœur Morris were sick.
What a glorious spring day after a beautiful day of celebrating the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ. Though we should remember Christ's Atonement and Resurrection everyday, I find it joyous to celebrate it on a specific Sunday as well.

It was another great week in the Nord. A week well invested and enjoyed. As always, there were highs and lows, miracles and tragedies, and so many blessings.

As I am sure everyone is informed, more so than us probably, of the missionaries from this mission who were injured in the Bruxelles attack, I don't need to write much. However, I am simply grateful for each one of them, their service, their examples to me throughout their missions, and their attitudes and courage through this time. I know each of them, Elder Norby and Elder Wells more than Soeur Clain and Elder Empey, but each of them have taught me something and I am glad to know they were protected and kept alive. I never thought I would experience 3 major terrorist attacks on my mission and be so close to it all, but it has been such a learning experience and testimony to me that God watches over and comforts His servants.

First and last Merveilleux à Lille
I have gained a better glimpse of how badly this world needs the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It is truly by studying and living the teachings and following the example of He who was perfect. To finish my work in France with Easter has been such a blessing, especially following the events of the week. I know that this life is not the end. I know that Jesus Christ suffered and died for us just as I know that He lives for us. He lives! He has been resurrected and He lives today! What great joy and hope I have because of Him.

I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have been given the honor, privilege, and responsibility to share the restored gospel with the people in France for the past 18 months. It has been absolutely incredible. Words simply cannot convey what it has been like to serve in this mission. I know that this is the work of God. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true and living church of Jesus Christ restored to the earth today. It was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith by the priesthood authority of God. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is true and it is real. The power from reading, studying, and applying it is real. I know that God has a plan and it is a plan of happiness, eternal and everlasting joy. It is in knowing this plan and doing the best one can to live the gospel by faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost, and finally enduring to the end, that we may achieve true happiness in this life and in the life to come.

My sweet Soeur Giordano and I 
Consecration Day in Amiens
Jesus Christ lives. He is our savior. He is the Son of God. His Atonement is real.

I love my savior and I love being a missionary. I have been bracing myself for the retour but I know that I don't have to stop being a missionary once I am released and remove my plaque. This work needs everyone, member and missionary, every single person to being doing missionary work. It is the most important work. Inviting others unto Christ. Living the gospel daily, helping others know Christ through our actions and words, inviting them to partake of the joyous and delicious fruit of the gospel. It's what it's all about.

Je vous aime tous. Merci pour votre soutien et amour. Vous êtes les meilleurs.

À jeudi,

Sœur Kate Simpson

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