Monday, August 10, 2015

¡Hola, je m'appelle Hermana Simpson! - 10 août 2015

Yes. I recognize that is Frangnol. Sprench? Either way. A lovely mixture of Spanish and French, 
which is what this week was like. Soeur Tippett and I were blessed with a new amie who was found from the giant Book of Mormon activity prt 2 and she only speaks Spanish. Neither of us speak a lick of Spanish. I've got hola, buenas dias, gracias, burrito, tacquito, chihuahua, etc. oh and Hermana! Thank heavens for spanish speaking members! We ended up having an awesome bilingual lesson with Yadira and our two members, Maria and Luz. She was so touched by the message of the Restauracion. See that Spanish skill. It was a cool experience and I am excited to learn some Spanish and get to be Hermana Simpson prt. 2 (The real Hermana Simpson is workin it over in D.C.)

We had Zone Conference for Paris and Paris-Caen zones here in Paris about teaching lesson 3 l'Évangile de Jésus-Christ. It went quite well. Président had us and the Assistants give little pensées spirituelles for each principle of the lesson. Mine was faith in Jesus Christ. To be quite frank, I didn't feel very good about mine. We were exactly clear about what we we're suppose to do since it was a new format of trainings, but it went okay. Glad I get to do it again next week for Nancy and Strasbourg zones. I worked on an outline and fixed up my thoughts for the next one. It should go better. Overall, the conference was awesome. We basically did practice teaching the whole time with president and everyone commentating and analyzing the teaching examples. It was good. Everyone was a little timid to volunteer to teach in front of the whole 2 zones, but those who did did a great job and I believe everyone appreciated and gained from it.

I then went on exchanges with Sœur Ellis! She's in my group from the MTC. She and I had a good exchange, I learned a few things that I could improve on and do better for future exchanges. I suppose we must have those exchanges to see what we can do better as a leader. It was a good time.

Weekly planning crunches
break sesh. Il faut le faire.
Changing back companions happened in the middle of a rendezvous of the Antony sœurs handing over an amie to us. It was awesome. Aïcha is incredible. Though Muslim, she is interested and open to learning more. When we shared the first vision of Joseph Smith, she began to cry and we could see the Holy Ghost confirming to her that the message we were sharing was true. She was so sweet and wanted to learn more. We are excited to see where the Lord takes her.

Then up to Caen in Normandy! Oh how I love Normandy. It is beautiful. The air was cooler and it felt like Fall was just around the corner. It was a pleasant change. I had a lovely exchange with Soeur Jicha. Super fun girl and an excellent teacher. We taught a lady from Burkina Faso about the plan of Salvation. She had some petty crazy African stories mixed into biblical beliefs. It was pretty entertaining, slightly challenging, but ended on a spiritually uplifting note and we think she understood the correct doctrine. We hope. Nevertheless, it was great. The next day, we contacted a nice lady in the tram, who kept sidetracking to non-gospel subjects every time we tried to tie it into the's all good though. Learning experiences and gave her the opportunity to accept the gospel, even if she didn't take it.

We did a lot of planning on Saturday. Holy cannoli. But oh man does it feel good to feel slightly caught up in the area. It was greatly needed and so handy. We are going to have three back to back exchanges this week!!! Bring it on. I'm pretty excited. I love these people. All of them. I am amazed when I think about my life right now and everyone in it, near or far from me. I cannot help but feel incredibly blessed. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Anna is doing well, almost a whole week without smoking. She really struggled at first, and was not 
Taylor, Anna, moi,
et Sœur Tippett
too happy, but she's staying strong and doing so well. SO proud of her. Taylor, her boyfriend is here from Korea, and we had two lessons with them this week. He is a great support for her no it's cool to she all she learns and discusses with him.

Anne also set a baptismal date this week! We are so proud of her. It will most likely be in Belgium, but hey, we are happy for her nonetheless. It doesn't matter where she is baptized, it's about the proper authority and timing. She is ready and really could be baptized here before she moves back, but it is her choice and we are here to help her reach her goal.

Life is good and I feel so lucky to be here. Soeur Tippett and I are doing great. I am so grateful for a loving, patient, and hard working companion. It is so much easier to take care of the other soeurs and missionaries when we are pulling and working together. I love her dearly and am so blessed to have her.

The Book of Mormon challenge is well underway. I'm in mid Mosiah, a bit behind schedule, but only by about 30 pages. With exchanges and everything we do it's quite tricky, but not impossible. We've been able to see and feel so many blessings from our endeavor to read. I love this zone and their ambition to push harder and work smarter. What a blessing.

I wish you the best of weeks. Keep smiling and loving life. There is always something for which to be grateful. Find it and write it down, then thank our Heavenly Father. How blessed we are.

Je vous aime,

Sœur Kate Simpson

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