Monday, June 29, 2015

St. Ouen Surprises - 29 juin 2015

Hey family and friends,

I hope all are well. It has been a beautiful week after a beautiful weekend. Priscillia had a great week and just soaked up being freshly clean. She was gone all week on a trip to southern France so we didn't get to teach her until Sunday, but we texted during the week and she continued to read the Book of Mormon and pray, even with limited time with her class and friends. She is incredible.

Tuesday after studies we headed to Châtelet to meet the St. Ouen soeurs for an exchange! I went to St. Open with Soeur Nelson and Soeur Tippett stayed in Paris with Soeur Brandenburg. Soeur Nelson and I had a lovely time including some awesome street contacts and even a police + RATP controlling session of the bus stop right in front of the church in St. Ouen. Like full on pat down and pocket searches of people they caught on the bus without tickets... Lots of contention blocking the entrance of the church. But their ami came at last and we had an awesome lesson of the plan of salvation. After an awesome full day of teaching and talking to the awesome people of St. Ouen, we retired home and guess what we did after planning? Soeur Nelson chopped off my hair. More than 5 inches. It was an adventure. She did a great job. Not exactly how I imagined it, but I like it. It still fits in a pony tail, so life is good. That was the surprise. 

Thursday was Zone Conference. Our training went well, I think. It was about working better with members thought better usage of the progress record. It don't really know the official name in English for it, but yes. It was a great conference. 

Right after, we headed to Nancy, in the east of France. I was with Soeur Kitchen and oh what a lovely time we had. She is great. Really, all of these soeurs are just stellar. I am so grateful for the things I learn from their examples.

We had nearly a day of planning and preparing, trying to catch up on our own area. It feels good to pause, breathe, organize, and plan. Planning is the best, well it makes everything else the best. So it's great. 

Priscillia was confirmed with the gift of the Holy Ghost Sunday. She was just beaming with happiness. It was a beautiful blessing, given by Prisen, her brother. It was great to see how happy she is having the gospel fully in her life. She is awesome. The bishop's family invited us over for Sunday dinner with Priscillia and her family as well. We were 14 in total. It was a grand party, with a great spiritual message about agency and making good choices. We introduced For The Strength of Youth to her and her parents. Yay for standards for youth! 

I've got to go, but have a wonderful week. The church is true. Jesus lives. Life is good. 

Soeur Simpson 

Bateau Tour with Versailles soeurs

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