Monday, June 15, 2015

Mutation Six - 15 juin 2015

Say "bonjour" to my new companion: Soeur Tippett!

Our first Selfie
She's from Augusta, Georgia. A cute southern gal, full of fire and fun. :)

Friday we had Conseil de Mission and guess what we got?! iPads! Here we go, France. Welcome to the new age of "missionary work in the digital age".

Our wonderful Zone Leaders setting up their iPads
Elder Madsen and Elder Ricks
St. Merri Institute

After District Leader Training with the APs and ZLs
Elder Hall, Elder Lam, Elder Ricks, Elder Madsen, Soeur Tippett

Life saving fruit leathers with Anne, our new amie from Thailand! 

Out of time, but I love you! I'm doing well! Be good and keep praying!
Soeur Simpson

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