Monday, March 16, 2015

Je vais la tuer! - 16 mars 2015

I love my wonderful district.
Sr. Tane, Sr. Simpson, Sr. Dufour,
Elder Mattson, Elder Westwood,
Elder Pieksma, Elder Jouffray,
Elder Maono, Elder Utahia
The Verdict: SIX MORE WEEKS IN NOGENT!!! :) I am happy and excited. Though I would have gladly welcomed a new ville, I am happy to stay in my bleueville for another transfer! That means it'll be 6 months in my first area, and who knows? I could stay again? ah. that's a long time. But, I'll gladly be where I am needed. AND it means that I get to "kill" Soeur Tane! She's got 6 more weeks left on her mission and she is just about out of fuel, but we are determined to make it the best 6 weeks of her mission. :)

Saturday was the culminating event of the week and the transfer
Charles, Marie-Rose, Fatoumia, et moi
Chez Kusseling
and we definitely finished strong with the Soirée Tahitienne! It was SO much fun. For real, it was a success. The members came and brought their neighbors and friends. We had 17 new amis that came! We all danced, sang, and ate Tahitian-ness. It was awesome. :)

This week was filled with lots of thoughts. When transfers come around, it's hard to know what to think because you never know what's going to happen. I prayed that no matter what would
Sr. Tane, Sr. Dufour, Elder Utahia, Sr. Simpson
Soirée Tahitienne
happen, that I would have the patience and love and accept with grace what ever came. My motto for the week was "come what may and love it." from Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin.

Sometimes we get to be the answers to others prayers instead of having the answers we want. Soeur Tane told me that she had prayed so hard that I would stay. I am her 17th companion, and Soeur Dufour her 18th. She said she couldn't handle a new companion in her last 6 weeks. Today is her 18 months mark! She is a trooper. Due to being a francophone, she gets to serve an extra transfer. I
The Fountain of Youth.
Lac de Daumesnil
am grateful for her and this opportunity I have to serve with her for the rest of her mission. I have a feeling it's not going to be easy, but it will be wonderful! Come what may and love it. <3

I pray all is well for all. Keep the faith and love life, no matter what is thrown at you. Alison wrote to me, "the Lord gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers." :) You can do it!

Bonne semaine à tous!

Soeur Simpson

I was a shrimp guillotine. Vive la France!
Chez Kusseling

Elder Hansen, Sr. Tane, Charles
Mmm Tahitian food!
Chez Kusseling

Olga and Sonia, our wonderful Young Women!
Chapelle de Nogent

The Dance Team.
Chapelle de Nogent
Fatoumia and Ivalanie,
a part of the food-prep team for the soiree
Chez Kusseling

Sr. Dufour and I
Chapelle de Nogent

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