Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Semaine Quatre

Bonjour ma famille et mes amis!

I hope all is well. Things are great here at the MTC. Still loving it. Still sitting a ton. Still eating the same food. But it's awesome.

Hermana Simpson on her last night.
I love her so much!

Paige/Hermana Simpson moved into my building last week and so we've actually talked everyday and chatted. She told me about seeing Jeff after she got back from Salt Lake. She is so strong. It has been such a blessing to have her here at the same time. We have had a little family time each night before bed, which was so great. She left for D.C. this morning at 4:30! Holy cannoli. She is going to rock it. I love family.

Wednesday, Soeur King and I got snagged by a brother as we were leaving from lunch to host! We have been wanting to host and didn't know how we get to do that, so #prayeranswered. They needed more help with international sisters, so that is just what we did. They just threw us in there and it was awesome. My first sister was from Kiribati, a little island in the Pacific. Absolutely adorable. It was difficult to communicate, but she was so happy to be there and we chatted a bit. She taught me some Kiribatsi? Tres cool. My other two sisters were from Utah, and I picked one up at the curb. Her little sister wouldn't let go of her, which would have been so hard, but she was a champ. It was cool. I feel like that was me just yesterday!

I've been thinking a lot about Miss Talbott, my first grade teacher from Virginia who I met up with this past summer in D.C. I bought her a Book of Mormon and plan to send it out this week. (P.S. I need her address... family?) I believe there is a reason for everything, and so we must be in contact for some reason bigger than just being friends. I feel so lucky to have made such a connection with her. The Lord works in mysterious ways, so who knows? Mighty miracles happen. Wish me luck!
Me and Sis. Syd Taylor.
It happened to be her birthday. 
Best day ever!

Our amie, Elodie, dropped us this week, which was super sad, but we got a new amie: Laeticia! Soeur King and I taught her for the first time last night and it went okay. We only had 20 minutes and I didn't know how to condense our lesson plan efficiently and balanced for Soeur King. I can speak pretty well, and unfortunately it's kind of a crutch for us when we teach, because Sr. King doesn't speak as much. I felt really bad because she wanted to speak more and I just plowed trying to get through all that we wanted to happen. We did give Laeticia a Livre de Mormon and she committed to read and pray, so that was great. She seems like she'll be a great amie de l'eglise. Afterwards, I asked Sr. King how she felt, and she said, "I wish you would've let me speak!" I felt pretty awful about that, but it was a good lesson learned.

On Sunday, a la Reunion de Saint-Cene (Sacrament Meeting) President Barker conducted. He said, "Our talks today will be from Sister Simpson and Elder Stafford." Awesome. We didn't know we were speaking until everyone else did. Awesome. Although, I had a feeling all morning it was going to be me. Good thing I don't mind public speaking. My talk was on The Atonement of Jesus Christ. I just spoke of the simple doctrine of l'Expiation (the Atonement) and through the Atonement, Jesus Christ made all things possible. Basically it was about all of the possibilities available because of Atonement. Oh man, my mouth was so dry and apparently I flew through it. Everyone, except the native Frenchies, thought my French was awesome. So that's was nice of them. Good times.

I got the Halloween package. Merci! The Soeurs send their appreciation and thanks. Yay for
Elder Spoors from Essex, UK.
He's in my zone and I talk to him
in an English accent.
He sends his best to the Daines!

Halloween. I think we are going to dress up as sister missionaries. #creative.

Last night, we witnessed the funniest thing yet. A Lord of The Rings farewell. Some sisters in the other French zone in our residence dressed up and gave this hilarious schpeel as though they were in LOTR.

Soeur North is doing MUCH better. We're basically all back to normal schedule and such. She will be staying on her mission, and will just have to monitor the cyst once we get to France and is taking some medicine that is helping. Soeur Clark is an angel. She has been so patient and kind with Soeur North. It definitely is difficult, and Sr. North is not always the most thoughtful of Sr. Clark, but like Dad says, "you can do anything for 6 weeks."

Cheesy leaves pic with
my wonderful companion,
Soeur King.
Soeur King and I studied outside this week, up until yesterday. It was SO beautiful outside. Perfect fall weather. As we were outside, I studied the book of Enos. What an incredible example to us all. He is such an inspiration of humility, repentance, faith, and charity. It's only a chapter long, so I challenge you to read and study the words of the prophet Enos this week. How can you apply the things Enos did and the person he became into your life?

Be good. Do more. Look outward.

Je t'aime!

Avec amour,

Soeur Kate Simpson

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