Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Octobre 2015

"Service" at the Hall family.   
A fun exchange with Soeur Nelson, 
who is serving in St. Ouen, 
and I got to sew elastics 
on the ballet slippers for Penelope. 
We finally got to serve Sister Hall, but really, she served us.

Exchange in Versailles with Soeur Woolley

This is Viviane, their ami 
who will be getting baptized 
this weekend! She's awesome. 
Frere Lopez helped us in the 
lesson and it went very well. 
Sr. Woolley is almost at the end 
of her days as a bleue and 
boy is she just rockin it. 
I got to "mother" her on her first 
day in France, 
and she was awesome then.
 This sister is doing and will do great things.

Made it to the end of the day without taking a picture of me on my year mark wearing the same cardigan I wore entering the MTC and my original plaque. I cannot believe it. One year of miracles.

To celebrate, well the next day because I was in Versailles on exchanges for the actually year mark, Sœur Tippett and I made it to Le Comptoir finally to eat a meal. SO good. Ahmelle, Delphine, and Aurelien were all super excited to see us eating at their restaurant. It was delish. And yes. They gave Sœur Tippett ketchup for her fries. Haha

St. Ouen crew on the way to Conference.
No worries, Soeur Nelson is just behind me.

Beautiful leaves in Versailles.

I'm going there someday...

Still can't see much,
but that is the temple.
What a blessing it already
is to have a temple in the process
 in this wonderful country. 🇫🇷❤️

Our amie Hillary came to
all of conference with us.
She is stellar.
Seriously just awesome.

Since I don't have Internet for
cute conference quotes, I made my own.

I'll send more as I reflect on
conference and make more. 😊

Our boubous were ready for pickup today, so we met Soeur Allépo at
Strausbourg-St. Denis and made our way to Momo's in the sketch
basement behind a store place. Look how legit. We are so Africaine. I
couldn't stop smiling and thanking them. Momo did a great job.

The Boubou shop.

Métro 4 Cité

Continuation of Paris from the Ground.

La Mairie de Paris from the ground.

Cutie Ana G. got her mission call!!! Called to serve in the France Lyon mission! 🇫🇷❤️🇫🇷  She is a great friend of mine here in Paris. I actually taught her in the mini-MTC thing Soeur Stevens and I did when I was a Bleue. She is in the Paris Ward and it has been such a delight to get to know her and work with her. She's been working on her papers and preparing for years, it's so exciting to have her officially join the team here in France .

Elders burn shirts, I ate burnt cream... It's like the same.

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