Monday, January 26, 2015

Tres Vite - Janvier 26, 2015

This week flew bye. It was a good one.

Gave away a Book of Mormon to a Muslim guy on the bus...Kind of 2 birds with one stone in
Me and my life-saving
Coke from last week.
mission rules, but he did the contact, and I wasn't going to ignore him and be rude. He was an engineering student from Nigeria and asked me why I wore my plaque. He really wanted to argue, but I just testified, told him about my wonderful friend Aina who is a great Muslim that I love, and told him we respect all religions. I told him to read the Book of Mormon if he had questions, he was kind of surprised and didn't know what to say... and luckily we arrived at our stop, so we got off.

Matching hoodies!
P day was kind of lame compared to others, BUT Soeur Stevens and I bought matching hoodies at Zara. SO soft and comfy. And we bought these sweet design coloring book things for our planner covers for next transfer.

Soeur Stevens went a little crazy one morning before studies and cut bangs... I think she's really ready for some change. haha She looks cute. :) It feels like a have a different companion when I look at her, but she's still the great comp she always is. We've
Soeur Stevens rockin the new bangs,
Canada mittens, and tennis shoes
in-front of our flat's entrance door.
We live on the 1st floor up.
Nogent-sur-Marne, Paris, France
really become close and silly this week.

Me, Cynthia, Soeur Stevens
Nogent-sur-Marne, Paris, France
We met with Cynthia on Wednesday, our amazing amie with a baptismal date for this coming Saturday. It was amazing. Such a strong spirit present and we covered so much material and she just soaked it all up. Unfortunately, her mom is not on board and has read some anti-mormon blogs and thinks we are a sect/cult. So we are praying and fasting for her mom to be softened and understanding. She didn't make it to church on Sunday, which was super sad, but I have faith that one day she will be baptized. I pray it will be while I'm here. She is so faithful and strong!

Muddy Buddies!
Not much more time, but I love Nogent. Transfers are next week! Ah! I'm almost positive I'll be staying and Soeur Stevens will be leaving. As much as change is uncomfortable, it is necessary and oh so good for us. We are getting too comfortable and need bigger mountains to climb. Slightly scared to type that, but I know we can continually strive to do better. There is a quote by Henry Ford that I love, "Unless a man takes on more than he can possibly handle, he will never do all that he can." amen to that.

I'm excited for this week. Great things in-store! :) This gospel is great. It's true and I love it.
I wish the best for all. Keep praying, reading, and serving! :)

Soeur Kate Simpson

Just another beauty of Chateau de Vincennes.
Check out that mote!

Harry Potter much?


Crazy cool pastries. :)

Little future Soeur LeConte
She is one of the 5 LeConte children.
We decided to start
weekly service at the LeConte's.
5 kids under 6, and the mom
just was called to be the new
Relief Society President.
When she told us,
she just broke down into tears.
She feels the weight of the world,
and said "how can I help the sisters
when I'm the one in need of help?"
She is one of the most selfless, loving,
patient women I know.
She'll be perfect,
but we also are going to help all that we can! :)

Champigny-sur-Marne, Paris, France

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